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Security Systems in Massachusetts

When you’re away from your home or business, receiving alerts for potential hazards is essential to protecting your property. A reliable alarm system can help you salvage your space when a disaster happens. Intrusion, fire and environmental conditions can put your property at risk, but a reliable security system will notify you and the appropriate authorities in seconds.

Areas We Serve

In 2019, the Lexington Alarm Systems team moved our security systems company to Woburn, Massachusetts. Our new location lets us better serve our part of the Greater Boston area. We operate within a 65-mile radius around our office.

Our service areas include:

We can also install security systems for business owners and homeowners in the surrounding area.

Our Services

Security systems can detect burglars and fires, but they also do more. We offer monitoring systems that recognize water and fluctuating temperatures. At Lexington Alarm Systems, we use our technology to make sure you’re the first person to know when something happens in your home or business.

Fire Alarms

Even small fires can have a devastating impact on your home or business. The most critical factor in saving your property is alerting the authorities as fast as possible. We monitor your system 24/7 and contact local emergency response services as soon as our system registers a fire.

Water Sensors

Flooding can happen for various reasons, and unwanted water severely impacts your property. Whether you keep files, inventory or unused items in your basement or a spare room, floodwater can ruin your belongings.

When our motion sensors come into contact with water, we notify you immediately. Plus, you can supply the number of your preferred plumber, and we’ll contact them for you.

Environmental Protection

Beyond fire and water, homeowners and business owners must prepare for environmental issues like carbon monoxide (CO). These problems can make your family, employees or customers sick. When our sensors detect smoke or an abundance of harmful CO, we notify emergency response authorities immediately.

Temperature monitoring systems can save your refrigerated or frozen inventory by notifying you when the temperature falls outside your set “safe” range.

Door and Window and Glass Break Sensors

No matter how a burglar breaks into your building, we have sensors that can detect their intrusion. If they break a window or door, our devices will notify the police.

Our alarm screens have special wires that send an alert to our monitoring system when cut or removed. These screens thwart some of the most common intrusion strategies, and we can install them in windows or doors.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are a great way to monitor your home or business. However, false alerts can become an annoyance when your devices pick up pet activity or other normal motion.

At Lexington Alarm Systems, we’ve calibrated our motion detectors to identify the most relevant motion and little else. This technology makes our solutions more effective than sensitive motion detectors that send an alert based on stray animals or windblown debris.

Choose Lexington Alarm Systems for Your Security

We set ourselves apart from other business and home security companies in Middlesex County and Massachusetts with quality products and incredible service. We specialize in white-glove treatment, so our team completes quality installations and consists of trained, background-checked professionals. Other benefits of using our solutions include a backup power source, a five-diamond UL-listed monitoring center and our mobile app.

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