Benefits of Video Surveillance for Commercial Buildings

April 27, 2020 12:00 am

Video surveillance is a common security practice in many workplaces and office buildings. In 2010, a business could expect to spend $13,280 on a set of 10 cameras. Prices have dropped since then, but a complete video surveillance system still isn’t cheap. Despite the price tag, business owners know that the importance of video surveillance justifies the cost. That’s why in recent years, the market has grown to $3.2 billion as of 2018. By 2023, experts expect it to reach $9 billion. This is for good reason. Security concerns for commercial office spaces have only increased over time.

With more technology and infrastructure to protect, there’s more need for workplace surveillance than ever before. Businesses need to look for solutions that prevent problems. With an adequate surveillance system, your business will see a return on your security investments in the safety it provides and in the protection for your employees it ensures.

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Why Is Video Surveillance Important for Your Workplace?

Realistically, every business with a physical location or office building should have video security in place. Quality, reliable video protects your customers and the business itself from unwanted attention. The benefits of security cameras for businesses are multifaceted. One of the advantages of surveillance cameras is that they prevent theft by scaring off inexperienced robbers. At the same time, they offer accountability by helping identify the thieves who do steal. Altogether, you’re presenting your customers and workers alike with a sense of security that has priceless value.

Protect Your Business

Among the benefits of commercial security cameras, perhaps the most obvious is the protection of your business. We are already familiar with the concept of theft and vandalization. When a business installs video cameras in and around their office buildings, they can record any wrongdoing that takes place. Having a trustworthy source of evidence to show to police makes an investigation run more smoothly and can lead to results more quickly. Security cameras in your workplace can also ward off potential theft as criminals are aware of the risk of identification.

Protect Your Workers

Cleverly setting up your video cameras around the workplace can be a helpful tool for protecting your employees. For example, if you set up surveillance cameras just outside the parking lot of your business, employees can feel a little bit safer making the trip from their workplace to their car where otherwise they might be most vulnerable.

In another vein, security cameras can witness any problems employees have with one another while on the job. Without proper knowledge of a situation, it is difficult for businesses to take control of the matter when hearsay is involved. Cameras can capture employee violence or harassment within the workplace, giving you solid evidence instead of baseless accusations.

Lastly, in the same way that surveillance cameras protect your business, they can monitor new customers who enter the workplace, encouraging immediate action if problems arise that could threaten an employee.

Protect Your Customers

There are a few benefits of commercial surveillance for customers. First, if customers happen to be in a building while theft is happening, security cameras can discourage the scene from becoming more violent. Legally, the consequences of a violent robbery are much worse than a robbery by itself.

Your business also has the option of relying on surveillance cameras for proof of recent transactions. Customers will be glad to hear that the loss of a receipt doesn’t mean they can’t exchange an item, adding an extra layer of trust between your business and the customer.

4 Benefits of Commercial Video Surveillance

While do-it-yourself surveillance systems can be cheap and tempting, a commercial video surveillance system has plenty more to offer for your business. Investing in a monitoring service that’s fully comprehensive will be a wise decision in the long term. Many of the benefits of surveillance systems for businesses only have the greatest effect with a commercial service.

1. Accident Reconstruction

A surveillance system can reconstruct real accidents. When professionally placed and in combination with a sensitive alarm system, cameras can confirm environmental disasters such as fires, temperature extremes and water hazards. This can reduce liability to your business and clarify incidents deemed alleged.

2. Technical Support

Commercial building surveillance systems can provide support in case of system failure. Consumer-grade equipment does not offer technical support. Warranties for this type of equipment exist but often do not cover much. Commercial services, on the other hand, do more than simply record video. They monitor your workplace and give timely alerts outside of business hours, often stopping a theft from happening entirely.

3. Legal Advisory

Setting up your own workplace surveillance system might lead you to inadvertently break the law. For one, recording audio or video without proper consent is illegal. Commercial service will be quick to detail all the rules and regulations that you need to consider when implementing video surveillance. You’ll also have commercial-grade equipment and potentially a watermark that will hinder the alteration of the video, making it more admissable to a court.


4. Inventory Screening

Surveillance cameras with great resolution and high frame rates will be able to capture what exactly was stolen after a theft. As a result, your business can count on more accurate inventories, even after a robbery. This can help with less drastic thefts as well, that involve an employee or regular customer. Whether or not you decide to press charges, knowing where everything should be and having an idea of where things aren’t is critical to a resilient business.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Your Business in Woburn, Massachusetts

When it comes to keeping your business, workers and customers safe, security is a priority. Video surveillance is a dependable system that allows you to halt trouble in its tracks with peace of mind, then watch your business grow with a hawk’s eye. Businesses aren’t obligated to be caretakers and most don’t expect them to be. But your company cares about the people you work closely with and the consumers who appreciate your business. Taking extra security measures is an excellent demonstration of care.

With Lexington Alarm Systems, you can make sure that you’ll know in a moment’s time when something’s gone wrong. We cater our solutions to your needs. Whether it’s a break-in after hours that concerns you or petty theft, we have you covered. What’s more, we have your people covered. Our 24/7 Approved Monitoring Service gives your workplace round-the-clock surveillance and with Access Control, you can check up on whatever requires your attention. We can identify a problem within minutes given our motion sensors, glass break alarms and door and window contacts.

Our goal is to keep you safe and secure. If you have the same goal for your business and the people who play a part in its success, work with Lexington Alarm Systems and consult with us today.

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