5 Best Alarm Systems for Homeowners in 2022

January 23, 2022 1:56 pm

These days, all of the best home alarm companies offer high-end, technologically advanced security equipment, making it challenging to figure out which house alarm system is best. However, choosing a home security system does not need to be a stressful process. This guide compares the best security systems in 2022 to make recognizing each system’s strengths and weaknesses easier than ever.

Below, you’ll discover the home alarm system pros and cons for the best security equipment from the best home security alarm companies. Keep reading to find out the benefits and drawbacks of the top home monitoring systems this year so that you can choose the best security system for your needs.

Top Security Systems for Your Home

Check out five of the top-rated security systems for 2022 below.

1. Honeywell Smart Security Systems

If you’re searching for a home security system that offers a high-quality built-in camera, motion detection, Amazon Alexa service, face recognition and more, look no further than Honeywell alarm systems. A Honeywell smart security system is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to self-monitor their security season and keep a close watch on their home.

Specifically, a smart security system from Honeywell includes a base station that features a built-in security camera and Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Thanks to the base station’s connection to Alexa, you can use the station as an Echo smart speaker to ask questions, play your favorite tunes and control smart home devices.

Your security system will also be synced with the Honeywell Home mobile app, allowing you to easily check in on your home’s security from wherever you are. The app also includes a multitude of useful features, such as:

  • Geofencing
  • Arming controls
  • Two-way audio
  • Facial recognition.

Geofencing is particularly helpful for arming and disarming the system automatically as soon as you leave or get home.

Along with a convenient mobile app and Alexa connection, the Honeywell camera itself is worth highlighting. The camera boasts 1080p video resolution, live video streaming and the capability to record 30-second video clips whenever motion is detected. The camera allows you to determine custom zones to focus on monitoring high-traffic or priority areas. You can also rotate the camera’s privacy ring to prevent the camera from recording video while you’re home, which prevents unnecessary recordings that slow down your Wi-Fi network.

In addition to the camera base station, a basic Honeywell smart security system kit will also come with accessories to further guard your home. These external accessories include access sensors and a key fob. You can attach the access sensors to doors and windows to track when they open and close. The key fob is a small, portable remote that you can use to quickly adjust your system settings without getting out your phone.

In short, Honeywell smart security systems provide these pros:

  • A camera in the base station
  • 1080p resolution
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa service
  • Facial recognition
  • Free 24-hour cloud video storage
  • Support for IFTTT applets
  • Superb customer support

However, you’ll also want to take the cons into account — this system does not provide professional monitoring and there is limited Z-Wave device support.

2. Skybell Video Doorbells

When thinking about the best security solutions on the market, make sure you consider video doorbells. Video doorbells give you an easy way to check who is at your door without having to open or even get near your door. These home security devices connect to your Wi-Fi network and send alerts whenever someone is at your doorway. They can also record video whenever motion is detected or the doorbell is rung.

Specifically, a Skybell video doorbell is your best choice for a dependable video doorbell. The Skybell HD video doorbell is an affordable option that delivers sharp 1080p video footage with a 180-degree field of view, boasts full-color night-vision video, provides free cloud storage and is loaded with special features. The device also uses your existing doorbell wiring, so it can be connected directly to the doorbell chime box you currently have.

Skybell Video Doorbells

Skybell video doorbells use a mobile app to give you remote access to live and recorded video from your doorway. This video is then stored in the cloud for a week so that you can review your camera’s activity history at the time that’s most convenient for you. Unlike most smart doorbell apps, the Skybell app is free and allows you to chat with visitors in real-time via two-way talk.

If you ever want to turn off the chime on your Skybell device, you can set it to quiet mode and receive notifications on your phone only. Skybell video doorbells are also weatherproof and built to last. From extreme temperatures to inclement weather, you won’t have to worry about your Skybell device getting damaged. These qualities make Skybell video doorbells a valuable security resource for any home.

In particular, a Skybell home security device provides the following pros:

  • Feature-rich video doorbell
  • 1080p resolution
  • 180-degree field of view
  • Full-color night-vision video
  • Motion detection with pre-buffering video recording
  • Free cloud storage
  • Durable hardware
  • No long-term contract
  • No ongoing costs

On the other hand, this system implements a hardwired doorbell, instead of the preferred wireless option, and offers no customizable motion zones.

3. SimpliSafe DIY Systems

SimpliSafe home security systems are popular among homeowners for offering a no-contract, easy DIY setup alarm system at a refreshingly affordable price. If you’re comfortable with installing your security system on your own, a SimpliSafe DIY system is the easiest security system to set up yourself.

One of the biggest draws for a SimpliSafe security system is its low cost. The upfront expenses for a SimpliSafe DIY security system are budget-friendly and you can often find special SimpliSafe deals or discounts with a quick search online. If you really want to save money, the company also offers refurbished security equipment at even lower prices. Plus, with no long-term contract to sign, you can start and stop your monthly monitoring plan whenever you want.

Although SimpliSafe DIY systems are cost-effective, they are not of poor quality. The security system includes various features to ensure the system is functioning smoothly. For example, the Heartbeat feature continuously monitors whether the system is operating as intended. In addition, the SmashSafe backup against tampering alerts the authorities as soon as anyone tries to disable or interfere with the system.

The SimpliCam itself is a high-definition video security camera that includes a motion sensor with the ability to send you alerts. The SimpliSafe mobile app also allows you to easily monitor the security system from anywhere. In keeping with SimpliSafe’s low-cost theme, the mobile app is free.

However, the low price of SimpliSafe security equipment does take its toll on some components of the system. For instance, the brand’s video cameras are quite simple and do not offer extensive features or advanced functions. The cameras are also not weatherproof, leaving them vulnerable to the elements.

Before deciding whether a SimpliSafe security system is right for you, think about these pros:

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Extremely affordable monthly monitoring plans
  • No long-term contracts
  • Customizable plans and equipment
  • Great options for renters

Then, weigh them against these cons:

  • Limited home automation capabilities
  • Might be too simple for certain homes
  • Higher up-front costs compared with the monthly rates
  • Limited outdoor camera options
  • No special features

4. ADT Home Alarm Systems

Chances are, you’ve at least heard of ADT home security systems before. As the biggest name in home security, ADT is known for providing professional installation and trustworthy monitoring services. ADT is the nation’s most experienced security monitoring company and boasts the most monitoring centers in the country, allowing them to deliver fast response times and reassure customers when it matters most.

ADT’s abundance of professional monitoring centers makes the company stand out among other home security providers. The sheer amount of monitoring centers available ensures your pro monitoring will never be offline. If a monitoring station faces a natural disaster or a power outage for any reason, the responsibility of monitoring your home will instantly transfer to another ADT center. Having backup ADT monitoring stations means you can count on 24/7 home protection regardless of the circumstances.


One of the most popular security systems from ADT is the home automation platform known as ADT Pulse. This security system can automate your home to guard against burglaries, provide environmental alerts, and more. You’ll also get to customize your system features with unique automation, alerts, and schedules by adding controls for locks, temperature, lighting and more.

This tech-savvy security system is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it easy to continue using all of the voice commands you’ve gotten used to having on your phone. You will also be able to access the security system’s high-end control panels through the ADT Pulse mobile app.

While an ADT home security system offers a wide range of benefits, it’s not the best security company for anyone on a budget. ADT’s extensive monitoring experience comes at a cost, with high prices for both the initial security equipment purchase and the continued monitoring fees. You will also be locked into a long contract with those high monthly payments.

If you’re trying to decide whether an ADT security system is right for you, check out these pros:

  • High-quality security equipment
  • Over 100 years of security innovation and monitoring
  • Reliable, professional monitoring with numerous centers across the country
  • Fast response times to alerts
  • Outstanding customer guarantees

However, it’s important to make an informed decision, so consider these drawbacks:

  • More expensive than most home security solutions
  • High monthly monitoring fees
  • Requires committing to a long-term contract
  • No trial period
  • Costly termination fees

5. Vivint Smart Home Systems

Rounding out this year’s lineup of the best home security systems is Vivint home security systems. The equipment from Vivint takes a smart approach to home security and includes an impressive scope of home automation features. Viviant security equipment works with most major smart home assistants, including Alexa and Google Home, enabling homeowners to create a fully autonomous house.

In particular, a technologically advanced Vivent home security system will respond to voice commands to arm the security system, dim the lights, adjust the temperature, close the garage door and more. However, you can also control a Vivent security system with a key chain remote, mobile app or the main control panel if you get tired of using voice commands.

The Vivent security control panel is especially notable for its integration of artificial intelligence. If you give your Vivent security system permission, it will automatically adapt to your daily routine. For example, if the system learns when you usually get home from work, it will automatically reset the temperature in time for your arrival.

By providing you with smart energy management capabilities, Vivent’s home security with artificial intelligence can offer you added convenience and cost savings. Over time, your security system will progress from only taking orders from you to making suggestions based on your previous preferences. Eventually, the system will begin taking actions on its own to enhance your home’s comfort and protection.

A Vivent home security system also stands out for being wireless, making it simple to install and operate. However, all of these modern tech features and perks come at a cost. A Vivent home security system can be quite expensive. In addition to demanding high upfront costs, purchasing a Vivent security system includes long-term contracts.

Overall, you’ll want to consider the following pros when contemplating a Vivent home security system:

  • Most technologically advanced smart home automation features available
  • Well-designed and modern security equipment
  • Smart Deter lurker detection
  • Customizable smart security packages
  • One convenient mobile app for all pieces of equipment
  • Lifetime warranty on equipment

You will also want to consider the following cons:

  • More expensive than most home security companies
  • Requires a long-term contract
  • High termination fees
  • Costly moving expenses
  • No DIY installation option

What Is the Safest Home Security System?

What Is the Safest Home Security System?

Although many of the brands above offer fancy tech features, the more basic home security systems are often the most reliable and safest. When it comes to protecting your home, Honeywell alarm systems and Skybell video doorbells can’t be topped. These straightforward security solutions provide your home with first-rate protection without the more complicated cons that come with other types of security equipment.

As a bonus, these minimalistic home security systems are more affordable than other security systems with extra frills. If you want to rest assured that your home is adequately protected without spending an outrageous amount of money, choose a Honeywell security system or a Skybell device. These brands prove that sometimes the best affordable security camera can be the safest, too.

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