Commercial Security Systems in Woburn, MA

Protect your assets with our Woburn, MA, business security systems. Lexington Alarm Systems has decades of experience with helping companies and homes stay safe. We understand that everyone has different security needs, so we provide customized solutions. Discover how our services can defend your business from intruders and accidents.

Lexington Alarm Systems offers a wide variety of security solutions because we understand security is not a one size fits all situation. Some buildings will be more prone to break-ins, while others need tighter video surveillance to prevent theft. That is why Lexington Alarm Systems has experienced Security Experts that will help you through every step of the process.

Our 24/7 365 UL Listed, FM Approved Monitoring Center is constantly monitoring your business. Drop-in remotely with video surveillance, or control building access on your computer with Access Control. Ensure your building is receiving industry-leading fire detection and CO monitoring. Whatever it is your business requires, Lexington Alarm Systems is your security solution.
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Types of Security Systems for Your Business in Woburn, MA

Leave it to our security experts to offer personalized services for your business. Your comprehensive security solution will include services like the following:

types of commercial security systems

Burglar and Theft Systems

We offer a suite of intrusion detection innovations that protect your building from potential thieves. Our burglar and theft solutions include:

Motion sensors: Our motion sensors provide alerts when they sense movement from possible intruders.

Door and window contacts: Sensors for doors and windows detect when their contact breaks during unusual times.

Glass break alarms: We provide glass break alarms that use sound or vibrations to alert you when a window or door breaks.

Panic/duress buttons: When a threat situation occurs, your employees can press a panic button to trigger a silent or audible alarm.

Combine these systems to create the right security solution for your company.

Video Surveillance Systems

Our video surveillance technologies empower you to check on your business from anywhere. Record security clips and save them to an on-site network or cloud storage. You can also see live video and system statuses through our total connect video and remote video management solutions. View live security footage from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Access Control Systems

Grant and deny access to any of the doors on your property. At Lexington Alarm Systems, we use cutting-edge solutions for access control, like proximity and biometric readers. Our access control systems include detailed event logs to help you pinpoint when and where someone enters your space. We can also install access control technology into your elevator for another level of protection.

Fire Systems

Request industry-leading fire and carbon monoxide detection services to defend your company. The Lexington Alarm Systems team includes in-house compliance experts to ensure your fire system meets state and local codes.

Monitoring Services

When you use our security services, our monitoring center will always keep an eye on your business. With multiple backups and responses within seconds, you can rest assured that your building has protection.

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Reasons to Choose Our Woburn Commercial Security Services

Lexington Alarm Systems customers enjoy the advantages of choosing the Woburn area’s leading security provider. When you become one of our clients, you benefit from:

State-of-the-art technology: We use the latest innovations in security to keep your business safe, including biometrics and cloud technology.

Impeccable customer service: Our background-checked employees provide white-glove service and pay attention to your needs.

UL standards: We receive regular audits from Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), a worldwide leader in safety science, and consistently meet their high standards.

See how our security systems stand out against the competition:

At Lexington Alarm Systems, we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with our services and systems. Please reach out to us at any time for assistance.

Get the Top Commercial Security Systems in Woburn, MA

Allow us to develop customized security innovations for your company or organization. Request a free security consultation to learn what we can do to protect your assets and employees. Our security experts will gather the information necessary to recommend the right system for your needs.

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