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In a fire, every moment counts. Traditional fire alarm systems alert you when they detect smoke, but then you must call emergency services after you exit the building. Meanwhile, the fire causes further damage. Advanced commercial fire detection systems give you more time to act before serious damage is done to your property. Lexington Alarm Systems will help keep your business safe with a monitored commercial fire detection system.

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What Is a Commercial Fire Alarm System?

Commercial fire detection systems are designed to quickly detect and react to suspicious sources of heat and smoke. Using advanced smoke detection equipment and fire alarm control panels, these systems ensure a timely response to an emergency in a commercial setting. They also use preventative equipment such as fire sprinklers, which will work to lessen fire damage and potentially extinguish the problem before responders arrive.

Commercial fire alarm installation varies depending on the type of commercial system and its required circuits. Some fire detection systems are zoned and others are addressable. Preventative equipment for commercial buildings also has to be wired directly to the system circuit, and to avoid triggering during false alarms, they activate following a high heat threshold or with user interaction.

Why Install a Fire Alarm System for Your Business?

Traditional fire alarm smoke detectors often work less quickly and reliably than commercial models. In the case of a fire that produces little smoke, the detector may not go off at all. When the alarm is set, it alerts whoever is in the building but not emergency services personnel. This delays the response time, which can result in additional damage. At your business, you need a commercial smoke detector system that will work correctly and efficiently.

Do You Need to Install a Fire Detection System in a Commercial Property?

Installing a fire alarm system in your commercial building is required by law, but you also need to determine which kind of system will be the most cost-efficient for your business model. If you are a property manager or business owner, investing in commercial fire alarm monitoring will ensure the highest level of protection for your products, operational equipment and employees in the event of a serious emergency.

How Do Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Work?

Technologically advanced business fire detection systems solve many of the challenges of traditional fire alarms. These highly sensitive smoke and heat detectors go off on site during a fire event and will alert the local authorities in a matter of seconds. There are different control panels for commercial fire alarm systems:

  • Conventional control panels: Conventional fire alarm control panels use devices that detect electrical currents on a zoned circuit. A commercial smoke detector responds to smoke with a change in current. Next, the alarm sounds to warn the building’s occupants. Conventional fire panels get installed on various floors, or zones, throughout a business location.
  • Addressable control panels: Addressable fire alarm control panels use microprocessors that collect data from stations placed throughout commercial buildings. Each of the stationed devices has an address, so the addressable fire panel can pinpoint a fire trigger’s exact location and send that data to the authorities.

Either control system will alert nearby people of potential danger, but the addressable systems are more precise. The pressurized water in the sprinkler system activates once the device determines the heat level poses an imminent threat to the facility.

Features of Commercial Fire Alarms From Lexington Alarm Systems

Our commercial fire detection systems are equipped with cutting-edge technology that can detect:

Carbon Monoxide

Often called the silent killer, carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless. If a person is exposed to this gas for too long, it can be fatal. Equipping your commercial fire alarm system with a carbon monoxide detector takes a precautionary step to keep your employees and customers safe.


A commercial smoke detector put your safety first. When the detectors are triggered, our monitoring center directly informs the authorities. This decreases your wait time for the fire department to arrive.


Our heat detectors monitor temperature changes and areas of extreme heat. If the temperature in the area changes quickly within a set amount of time, the alarm goes off. These devices are useful in areas with naturally high heat and increased risk of fire, like kitchens.

The Best Commercial Fire Alarm Installation Company in Woburn, MA

When you choose Lexington Alarm Systems for your commercial fire alarm system, you’ll receive the best fire detection technology available. We are a NICET-certified systems designer. We make sure every plan meets state and local fire codes for installation, testing and UL monitoring.

Members of our staff are in-house compliance code experts to ensure the highest quality systems. Our technicians are background-checked and hold compliance safety licenses. As a local business, we care about the safety of your business and our community.

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