Access Control Systems in Woburn, MA

No Key; No Problem

As a business owner, you need to protect your property and employees. Access control systems allow entry to your business — but only for specific people. At Lexington Alarm Systems, our advanced access control systems put you in charge of deciding who can access your business and when.

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The Benefits of Business Access Control Systems

A traditional lock and key system may see safe, but thieves can pick locks to enter your business. In the case of employee turnover, people who no longer work for your company may still have keys to gain entry. Without a security system in place, you put your valuables at risk.

An access control system regulates who can enter your facility based on specific criteria. A business access control system keeps your Woburn, MA property safe and gives you peace of mind.

Our Access Control Services

Our access control systems use a variety of readers and credentials to control entry. Choose one or multiple options to fit your needs.

Proximity Readers

A proximity reader will read a person’s prox card. An authorized user simply holds their card against the reader. When the device detects a prox card, it will read the encoded number on the card. If the number is in the system, the door will unlock. Only people with prox cards can enter.

Biometric Readers

This reader establishes a person’s identity based on their biological characteristics. A password can easily become compromised, but a person cannot be replicated. The reader will only grant entry to those who match a profile in the system.

Elevator Control

This system is useful if your business is on multiple floors. A reader inside the elevator determines who can access particular floors based on scanning the person’s criteria. You can also install a reader outside the elevator, so only those who meet specific credentials can use it.

Why Choose Lexington Alarm Systems for Access Control System Installation?

Trust us for your access control systems installation in Woburn, MA. We take pride in our security systems and care about protecting your business. Our team will work with you to design a custom system for your needs. Lexington Alarm Systems handles every aspect of the installation process with the utmost attention to detail. All employees are background-checked for top-notch customer service.

Protect Your Business With an Access Control System

An access control system for your Woburn, MA business puts you in control of your business security. Request a quote for a security system today. Our sales team will reach out to you and talk about your needs.

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