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As a business owner, you need to protect your property and employees. Access control systems allow entry to your business — but only for specific people. At Lexington Alarm Systems, our advanced access control systems put you in charge of deciding who can access your business and when.

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What Is an Access Control System?

Think of access control systems as electronic security guards that protect your business from unauthorized entry. Individuals must pass through an unmanned portal to enter or exit a building or specific rooms or areas.

Depending on the type of access control system, a person may need to enter a code on a keypad, swipe a card containing a magnetic strip or scan an identification tag with a reader to gain entry. More sophisticated products like biometric door readers that identify individuals by fingerprints or other unique features and smart lock door readers that combine multiple ID technologies are also available.

The Benefits of Business Access Control Systems

Access control systems can provide numerous convenience, cost and security benefits for your business. Without a security system in place, you put your valuables at risk.

1. Better Than Keys

A traditional lock and key system may seem safe, but thieves can pick locks to enter your business. In the case of employee turnover, people who no longer work for your company may still have keys to gain entry. And even if terminated employees return the keys when they leave the company, they could have made several copies and given them to others.

Changing locks is an impractical and expensive alternative when employees leave your company. You probably don’t have the time or resources to make new keys and distribute them to your entire workforce. An electronic access control system alleviates this burden — it’s much easier and faster to change a code than install new locks.

2. Increased Control and Security

A hectic business establishment can have employees, vendors and visitors coming and going throughout the day. Keeping track of everyone can be challenging and easily create a potentially dangerous security breach.

An access control system regulates who can enter your facility based on specific criteria. You’ll have more comprehensive and reliable protection against theft and other pervasive security issues.

A business access control system keeps your Woburn, MA, property safe and gives you peace of mind.

3. Easier for Employees to Use

Workers typically don’t enjoy answering inquisitive security guards or fumbling with keys. An electronic access control system for business facilities eliminates these and other issues that create inconveniences for your staff. Your employees can enter and exit the building freely, assuming they have the appropriate ID credentials or codes.

Our Access Control Services

Our access control systems use a variety of readers and credentials to control entry. Choose one or multiple options to fit your needs.

Proximity Readers

A proximity reader will read a person’s prox card. An authorized user simply holds their card against the reader. When the device detects a prox card, it will read the encoded number on the card. If the number is in the system, the door will unlock. Only people with prox cards can enter.

The two types of proximity access control systems include:

  • Passive: A passive system is the most commonly used access control technology. It operates via a reader that emits limited radio frequency signals, requiring the user to hold the prox card at a close distance. When the reader recognizes and approves the card number, it transmits the signal to the door lock. The employee then has a brief time frame to enter the building before needing to scan the card again.
  • Active: These systems feature prox cards with a built-in lithium battery that operates up to 6 feet from the reader. While these cards have more range than their passive counterparts, the battery tends to lose power more quickly and will need replacing every few years.

The advantages of this type of access control system in security include:

  • More saved time: Proximity access control promotes a faster traffic flow, as visitors don’t have to deal with a security guard or sign-in system or enter a multiple-digit code. As long as they have their prox card, they can enter the building in a few seconds.
  • Cost-effectiveness: These systems are relatively inexpensive to purchase and implement. They also require little maintenance, minimizing long-term ownership costs.
  • Easy integration: Proximity readers are compatible with closed-circuit television (CCTV) and other technologies, enabling them to serve as part of a comprehensive business security solution.

Biometric Readers

This reader establishes a person’s identity based on their biological characteristics. A password can easily become compromised, but a person cannot be replicated. The reader will only grant entry to those who match a profile in the system.

These systems consist of scanners that collect biological data from your workforce or other designated individuals. When employees or visitors attempt to enter your facility, they must display a body part, typically a finger. The reader scans the fingertip and transmits the information to the reader, which instantly analyzes the person’s fingerprint. If the print matches one on file in the system, the locking mechanism will receive a signal to open the door.

Other more advanced and sophisticated biometric reader technologies include devices that scan the retinas of the individual’s eyes or recognize their face.

The benefits of using biometric readers for access control include:

  • Maximum accuracy: You can’t “fool” a biometric reader because it relies on specific human characteristics. It’s impossible to steal someone’s fingerprint or present a fake retina. This feature makes the technology an increasingly popular choice for security-conscious industries like health care, law enforcement and government.
  • User-friendliness: These access control systems don’t require employees to remember a personal identification number or carry a keycard. They can enter the facility or designated area instantly, with only a momentary hesitation to allow the reader to scan the body part.
  • Convenience for owners: Biometric readers require little ongoing maintenance. Once the system managers collect and enter the employees’ personal information, there’s no need to make changes or updates. Companies won’t have to waste time resetting passwords.
  • Scalability: The flexibility offered by these systems makes it easy to add new employees as a business expands.

Elevator Control

This system is useful if your business is on multiple floors. A reader inside the elevator determines who can access particular floors based on scanning the person’s criteria. You can also install a reader outside the elevator, so only those who meet specific credentials can use it.

An elevator control system is compatible with various entry devices, including biometric scanners, keypads, card readers and proximity readers, although they require additional installation steps. It’s necessary to hardwire the device to the elevator’s panel, and you may need to run traveling cables into the shaft.

The benefits of elevator control systems include the following:

  • Fortifies off-limits areas: You can exert more control over who enters designated floors within your facility, resulting in a more robust solution for security-conscious businesses.
  • Offers multifunctionality: Does your building have several elevators? You can program the control panels to accommodate as many elevators as necessary.
  • Compatible with other security products: You can use elevator control systems with CCTV and other equipment to bolster protection and create a more comprehensive building security solution.
  • Keeps the general public out: Buildings with elevators present unique security challenges, as visitors can get off at any floor they wish and escape detection. An elevator control system eliminates these issues by limiting access to specific floors.
  • Reduces costs: Implementing elevator access control eliminates the need to hire human security guards to monitor the building’s lobby and off-limits areas. Companies can save a significant amount of money in the long run.
  • Provides peace of mind: These systems help eradicate concerns about unauthorized individuals entering sensitive areas and stealing equipment, customer data or intellectual property.

Why Choose Lexington Alarm Systems for Access Control System Installation?

Trust us for your access control systems installation in Woburn, MA. We take pride in our security systems and care about protecting your business. Our team will work with you to design a custom system for your needs. Lexington Alarm Systems handles every aspect of the installation process with the utmost attention to detail. All employees are background-checked for top-notch customer service.

Protect Your Business With an Access Control System

An access control system for your Woburn, MA, business puts you in control of your business security. Request a quote for a security system today. Our sales team will reach out to you and talk about your needs.

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