Commercial Video Surveillance Systems in Woburn, MA

Brick-and-mortar business locations can be an extremely tempting target for criminals. Businesses may have expensive computer equipment, valuable data and even cash on hand. As a business owner, you need to do everything you can to protect your location from intrusion. Lexington Alarm Systems can help. We offer commercial surveillance systems in Woburn, MA that are customized to fight the specific threats your business is likely to face.

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Business Security Camera Systems in Woburn, MA

There are multiple reasons why someone might approach your commercial property with malicious intent. They may simply be burglars looking to steal various items, or they might be someone who is looking to break into your computer system to access your customers’ private data.

That’s why having a reliable commercial surveillance system for a business in Woburn, MA is so important. Attacking your business looks much less attractive when HD video cameras are in place and pointed right at anyone who comes by.

Types and Components of Commercial Video Surveillance

As commercial security camera installers, it’s important for us to demonstrate the different commercial video systems to businesses so that they pick a surveillance solution that matches their needs.

Our showroom demonstrates the different camera options side-by-side so that business owners can see the visual comparison of each type in real time. Video quality is contingent on light and weather conditions. Our team can thus show recorded footage examples so that clients can see how the security cameras at commercial properties capture footage at night and in different weather elements. Understanding these differences in components and visual quality is crucial in making the right decision.

Commercial Video System Types

Businesses can choose from a large variety when considering security camera systems. Each camera and system offer different sizes, shapes and features. Broadly speaking, there are two main types of commercial security camera systems:

  • Commercial CCTV security systems: This traditional system connects analog security cameras to video recorders and monitors with cables. These connections power the cameras and allow transmission and storage of footage. CCTV uses wired technology, so businesses can rest assured that the system is reliable as long as the power is on. More CCTV cameras can be installed and the system easily expanded, making large commercial system deployments possible.
  • Commercial wireless security systems: This modern system transmits footage via the internet to a commercial security system operator. Wireless IP security cameras often connect to a power supply, with some options having batteries. With wireless security cameras, video surveillance operators can remotely monitor sites. Specific options have technologically advanced features, such as AI-powered analytical capabilities. Wireless camera systems require a reliable internet connection to be effective.

Components of Commercial Video Systems

Commercial video surveillance systems comprise security cameras, video recorders and video security system software:

  • Camera systems for business: Cameras monitor the commercial space and are the security team’s eyes. The footage is captured and saved on the storage system. Some cameras are capable of short-term device storage as a fail-safe for recovery.
  • Commercial surveillance storage: Storage systems for business collect and keep captured footage. Various types are available — including digital video recorders (DVRs), network video recorders (NVRs) and hybrid systems. Our team can assist you in deciding which storage solution suits your needs.
  • Security system software: Commercial surveillance software enables you to view recorded footage and live video captured by your business’s security cameras. The management software allows the surveillance team to monitor the whole commercial camera system from one video display. In turn, your security team can be alerted to incidents, check system and camera operation and control user access.

Top Commercial Security Camera Types

When it comes to camera types, businesses have many options to consider. Three popular commercial selections for buildings, retail stores, warehouses and other premises include:

  • Dome and bullet cameras: Typically mounted on ceilings and walls and positioned to monitor a particular area, dome and bullet cameras can be used indoors and outdoors. They are popular in medium-size spaces and possess good weather protection. They also have good zoom capabilities and low-light operation.
  • Fisheye cameras: These security cameras are perfect for indoor spaces like hallways, communal sections and lobby areas. Commercial fisheye cameras offer subtle panoramic views from a fixed vantage point, making them popular for client-facing businesses or spaces.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras: The PTZ is a favorite among surveillance teams for its ability to turn, zoom and tilt. These commercial video cameras offer extensive coverage, making them ideal for open spaces and parking lots. PTZ cameras are durable, able to withstand the elements and great for outdoor use.



Why Choose Lexington Alarm Systems for Commercial Security Camera Installation in Woburn, MA?

Choose Lexington Alarm Systems because we are a local company that understands the need for commercial security cameras in Woburn, MA. We know the neighborhoods and the dangers you may be facing. We can design a commercial security system tailored to your budget and the features you need the most. We believe in giving every customer the white glove treatment, from residential customers we’ve known for years to our newest commercial client. You’ll always get the highest quality when it comes to equipment, personnel and overall service.

At Lexington Alarm Systems, we are also proudly a Honeywell-certified dealer and offer their leading security and surveillance products.

Our Commercial Video Surveillance Services

We offer the following features with our commercial video surveillance and more:

  • Video Recording: Being able to identify unapproved visitors to your facility is crucial. We can store video clips on a network video recorder (NVR) as well as encrypt them in the cloud so you can find out exactly who might be poking around.
  • Total Connect Video: It’s unlikely that someone is going to break into your location during business hours or while you’re on site. Our Total Connect Video allows you to quickly get online and check the cameras to make sure everything is quiet and peaceful, anytime.
  • Remote Video Management: Handle all aspects of your video surveillance system from your PC, smartphone or tablet for ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

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With incredibly clear HD1080P cameras, custom video camera configurations, email alerts, remote management and more, we have what it takes to provide you with the complete commercial video surveillance system you need. Your new Lexington Alarm Systems commercial video surveillance system will pay for itself the first time someone planning to burglarize your company runs away when they see your prominent and active video cameras.

To get started, get in touch, and we’ll set up a free security consultation for your business. Contact us today!

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