Commercial Video Surveillance Systems in Woburn, MA

Brick-and-mortar business locations can be an extremely tempting target for criminals. Businesses may have expensive computer equipment, valuable data and even cash on hand. As a business owner, you need to do everything you can to protect your location from intrusion. Lexington Alarm Systems can help. We offer commercial surveillance systems in Woburn, MA that are customized to fight the specific threats your business is likely to face.

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Business Security Camera Systems in Woburn, MA

There are multiple reasons why someone might approach your commercial property with malicious intent. They may simply be burglars looking to steal various items, or they might be someone who is looking to break into your computer system to access your customers’ private data.

That’s why having a reliable commercial surveillance system for a business in Woburn, MA is so important. Attacking your business looks much less attractive when HD video cameras are in place and pointed right at anyone who comes by.

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Why Choose Lexington Alarm Systems for Commercial Security Camera Installation in Woburn, MA?

Choose Lexington Alarm Systems because we are a local company that understands the need for commercial security cameras in Woburn, MA. We know the neighborhoods and the dangers you may be facing. We can design a commercial security system tailored to your budget and the features you need the most. We believe in giving every customer the white glove treatment, from residential customers we’ve known for years to our newest commercial client. You’ll always get the highest quality when it comes to equipment, personnel and overall service.

Our Commercial Video Surveillance Services

We offer the following features with our commercial video surveillance and more:

  • Video Recording: Being able to identify unapproved visitors to your facility is crucial. We can store video clips on a network video recorder (NVR) as well as encrypt them in the cloud so you can find out exactly who might be poking around.
  • Total Connect Video: It’s unlikely that someone is going to break into your location during business hours or while you’re on site. Our Total Connect Video allows you to quickly get online and check the cameras to make sure everything is quiet and peaceful, anytime.
  • Remote Video Management: Handle all aspects of your video surveillance system from your PC, smartphone or tablet for ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

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With incredibly clear HD1080P cameras, custom video camera configurations, email alerts, remote management and more, we have what it takes to provide you with the complete commercial video surveillance system you need. Your new Lexington Alarm Systems commercial video surveillance system will pay for itself the first time someone planning to burglarize your company runs away when they see your prominent and active video cameras.

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