6 Types of Construction Site Security Systems

July 7, 2020 7:26 pm

A lot happens on construction sites. Unlike most other work environments, construction doesn’t take place inside an established company building, but rather in an open, outdoor space partway through the process of becoming a building. The very structure of the work area is constantly changing. Everything is always in motion.

In such an environment, security is a highly pertinent issue. It’s not easy to secure such an open space, and with so much happening at all times, it can be difficult to keep intruders from entering without anyone’s knowledge. Construction sites must find some means of guarding against such unwanted intrusion.

Construction Site Security Systems

To cope with potential security issues, the construction industry has developed several methods for maintaining a watch over sites. While all of them are reasonably straightforward, they’ve also repeatedly proven effective, especially when working in tandem with one another. Here are some of the most common methods:

1. Fences

The most basic means of security is to simply put a fence around your construction site. As obvious as it might sound, being careless enough to not even use a fence will result in plenty of unwanted visitors. A fence mainly serves to keep out people who might want to walk right onto the site without it.

2. Locks

The next step up from fences is locks. Whether you use simple padlocks or digital keypads, you’ll want to have a way to physically lock up your site at the end of each day. The need for this method extends past ordinary passersby and has more to do with potential thieves who might be inclined to open up the fence and walk through after hours.

3. Guards

Fences and locks provide physical barriers, but certainly not insurmountable ones. Ultimately, the best method of security against thieves isn’t a barrier to their intrusion, but a reaction to it. Security guards are a longstanding source for this reaction. Having actual human beings tasked with watching for intruders, and then responding if they see any, ensures that anyone bold enough to get past the fence will be caught and dealt with.

4. Signs

Reacting to intruders is a good way of handling them, but what’s even better is preventing them from entering at all. Sometimes, all you need is a simple deterrent. Signs are a cheap and simple means of accomplishing this feat. Whether your sign merely says “keep out” or warns potential criminals that they’re under surveillance, it can be enough to discourage many people from even attempting an entry.

5. Alarms


Signs are a great way of keeping people from entering, but they’re only effective if you have the power to back them up. Security guards, while helpful, can’t view an entire site at once. Criminals can still slip past. Alarm systems, however, are the solution to this problem. They can be spread across entire construction sites, and when triggered, can alert all the necessary people, from the security guards to the local authorities.

6. Cameras

Usually functioning in tandem with alarm systems, construction surveillance systems are the chief method for handling construction site security. They can do the job of a security guard more efficiently, observing every area of the site at once, and can be played back later as needed. They, like alarm systems, provide the security measures needed to back up warning signs.

Benefits of Construction Site Security Cameras

As the foremost method for keeping your work environment secure, construction site surveillance cameras are well worth the investment. A construction site without them is left vulnerable to all number of issues. Having cameras on site comes with quite a few different benefits. Here are some of the main benefits of having construction site surveillance:

1. Spot Intruders

The first and foremost purpose of security cameras is spotting unauthorized visitors to the site. Whether it’s a regular person who wanders on during the day or a would-be-robber who jumps the fence at night, properly distributed cameras can pick up on the activity and alert you to what’s happening.

2. Deter Thieves

The vast majority of your camera footage will be uneventful, but it’s not because there are no potential intruders. In many cases, it’s because the cameras’ mere presence deters people from coming onto the site. Whether it’s because you have warning signs out or because they see the cameras themselves, many thieves will be smart enough to avoid trying anything once they know you have cameras watching the premises.

3. Oversee Work

Security cameras aren’t only useful for security. In addition to keeping watch at night, they can allow you to survey the construction process during the day. In years past, overseers couldn’t actually oversee everything happening on the site all the time. Surveillance cameras, however, make such comprehensive oversight a legitimate possibility. You can quickly flip between different camera views to observe what’s happening across the site without even taking a step.

4. Create Marketing

Many security cameras allow for the construction of time-lapses, in which you speed up everything they’ve recorded across a long period of time, condensing it down to a few minutes or seconds. These have a few different uses. One is to allow you to visualize the progress you’ve made in a given amount of time. However, you can also use that visualization for marketing purposes. Time-lapse videos help the public get excited about ongoing projects and encourage investors to feel that things are going well.

Job Site Remote Video Monitoring

Job Site Remote Video Monitoring

While construction site security monitoring is always beneficial, not all surveillance systems are made equal. The most helpful types of cameras are those that allow for remote video monitoring. These systems make it so that, even when you’re away from the site, you can get a live feed of what the cameras are seeing. Whether you need to check on how a specific part of the project is going while you’re away or want to see why an alarm was triggered, you can do so with remote monitoring.

Get Security Cameras for Your Construction Site Today

Whatever you’re looking for, Lexington Alarm Systems has the equipment you need to make your construction site more secure. Our job site security camera systems can sync to your personal or work device so you can always get a full view of your site, no matter the time of day. They also encrypt video recordings in the cloud, where you can access them whenever you need to.

To get a free quote or schedule a consultation, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to help you give your construction site the security it needs!

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