At Lexington Alarm Systems, the focus on delivering Excellent Customer Service extends deeply into the alarm monitoring services. For over 45 years Lexington Alarm Systems has provided in-house central station monitoring ... uninterrupted.

The Monitoring Center facility itself is actually a concrete vault built deep within the same building that houses our offices and warehouse spaces. This vault houses the equipment and staff necessary to safely monitor all types of security, fire, life safety and environmental systems.

Our employees are screened using local, state and federal screening databases. In addition, each central station operator undergoes weeks of classroom and systems training before being qualified to take the Central Station Operator Certification Test. Once successfully certified, new operators are assigned to a senior operator  for continuing customer service training and systems familiarization.

At Lexington Alarm Systems one of the key customer service goals is to provide prompt answers to customer questions. The central station operators are trained to assist customers with many simple operational questions or tasks. An immediate answer means it does not take repeated calls to solve a simple problem.

Since customized monitoring and response is the norm at Lexington Alarm Systems, no request is too complicated or beyond the capability of our trained staff. All of the historic information concerning alarm signals and what was done with each, is kept in secure database files accessed only with password protected authorization.

At Lexington Alarm Systems you will never get an automated notification of an alarm or an automated attendant answering the phone. Customer service to us means one on one personal contact, professionally trained staff and immediately available accurate information.

Custom Alarm Monitoring

The monitoring of any security or life safety system multiplies its effectiveness and value, many times over. However, who you have monitor your alarm system is a much more important decision.

Central monitoring stations can be classified in two ways. Simple alarm dispatch centers and true customer service monitoring stations. Some of the questions you should ask when considering a central monitoring station include;

  • Where is the facility located?
  • How are employees screened?
  • What kind of training and certifications do they have?
  • Can an operator assist you with operating questions and keypad use?
  • Can the response to various alarm signals from your system be customized?
  • Is my call answered by a live operator or must I navigate an automated help desk system?

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