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Custom Installation

Installing a new Lexington Alarm System means you will have over 40 years of design experience and access to the latest security and safety technology available. Our security and safety systems employ both wired and wireless technology using esthetically designed components to easily blend into any home or business setting.

For homes or businesses that are under construction, bringing Lexington Alarm Systems in at the earliest stages often means securing the construction site itself. Just like any other building trade, timing of the wiring of a security or safety system should be coordinated to optimize the opportunity of open walls and ceilings.

Existing homes and businesses often require different installation techniques in order to minimize any impact to finished walls and woodwork. Our professional installers at Lexington AlarmSystems have years of experience working in the most sensitive residential and commercial environments.

By using only our own full time installation technicians, Lexington AlarmSystems ensures a high quality system can be installed, programmed and tested on time and on budget.

Custom System Design

Because every home or business is different, prepackaged, one size fits all alarm systems typically do not provide good security. Lexington Alarm Systems recognizes that individual security needs are different and there is a wide range of reasons people have for installing a security system.

The process of deciding on a security system does not begin with equipment, it begins with a consultation to determine how a system could provide the highest level of comfort and peace of mind.

Simple questions can be answered that help define how extensive a security system needs to be or how simple it might be. Designing a sytem that is easy to use is of utmost importance. A system that compliments your lifestyle, rather than complicates it is always a strong design consideration.

Custom design means carefully taking into consideration the concerns of the users, the physical structure and an effective configuration of sensors. If these design factors are carefully aligned, the resulting Lexington Alarm System will be a perfect, reliable and easy to use fit.

After completing a Custom Installation Survey, you will have a complete understanding of how the alarm system will work, as well as what the installation will entail. Our design consultants are your personal contact and coordinate every step of an installation with you and the installation team.