Best Places to Install Security Cameras

February 21, 2022 4:43 pm

Are you getting ready to set up your first security camera in your home or business? Are you curious about where to position your CCTV cameras? Many people don’t realize the strategy involved in great security camera placement. Positioning, height and location are all critical points of interest everyone needs to consider whenever you are installing security cameras outside your home or business.

Even if you’ve already done some research, you might still be confused regarding specific details about the best places to put your security cameras. Keep reading to gain more insight into security camera setups and placement strategies.

Where Should Outdoor Security Cameras Be Placed?

There are a few optimal locations you can place security cameras around your property. Some of these prominent areas include spots such as high traffic spots, locations of the building that aim directly at the street and on the front entrance. Still, many other places people won’t realize are essential to help protect their property. Picking critical spots in your home or business that have the best viewing angles may also cut down on how many security cameras you have to install.

Below, in order of importance, we detail different placement setups and ideas.

Front and Rear Facing Entryways

The main entrances and exits of your property are primary spots to place your cameras. These entryways offer burglars and other types of criminals easy access to your property and should be under protection at all times. Furthermore, with the growth of package thieves, having the ability to monitor your shipments and deliveries can help protect your belongings or provide evidence should your packages get stolen.


While doors are the most common entry point, having security cameras in view of the windows is another good safety precaution. Many people use their windows to provide more airflow to their home, especially in the kitchen. It can be easy to forget to latch your windows at night and before you leave, which means intruders often check for unlocked windows to gain entry to your home.

External Buildings

If you have a shed or other external building near your home, it’s a good idea to secure those with security cameras. Many people keep expensive machinery in their sheds, including lawnmowers and power tools. To protect these belongings, include your shed or external garage in your security camera placement strategy.

Garage and Driveways

Some homes have long driveways that lead to garages in which many people store valuable items, cars, tools and more. Positioning a camera above your garage door overlooking the driveway will help deter burglars from approaching your home. This position may also allow you to view the street, which can help you monitor for any unfamiliar cars or individuals who appear to be watching the neighborhood.

garage and driveaway camera

Parking Lots

Whether you have a business or live in an apartment or condo facility that has a parking lot, including an exterior camera that has direct sightlines to the parking lot is a smart move. Sometimes, burglars will target cars, hoping to get to the valuables inside. You might also be able to see if someone is casing your place, watching when you come and go to determine the best time to break in.

What Is the Best Height To Install Security Cameras?

Not only are there critical areas to place your security cameras, but there are also specific heights to place them for the best results. Most security companies will suggest placing security cameras at about 8 feet, depending on the property type. Some people have gained other benefits by installing their security cameras a little higher, around 16 feet. Below are the benefits of these two heights for installation.

Installing Security Cameras at 8 Feet

Putting security cameras at 8 feet is the recommendation of most security companies. When you set up your security cameras at this height, the camera shows the area’s surroundings well. This height also protects the camera from vandalism or other disruptive actions since most people cannot reach it, but it’s still accessible should you need to adjust it or perform routine maintenance.

Installing Security Cameras at 16 Feet

When you install the security camera at a higher position of 16 feet, you can gain even more details of the environment around the camera. With wider view angles, you can see more activity sooner and give you time to react. Depending on the type of house you own, installing your cameras at the 16-foot height and, if positioned correctly, can give you a wide-angle view of the entire front of your home. However, you’ll need a special ladder to reach the cameras at this height.

Should Security Cameras Be Visible?

Many people go back and forth on whether they should hide their security cameras or put them in plain view. Keeping the cameras visible can deter most burglars from entering the premises. Still, seeing security cameras might also increase their curiosity about what valuables may be inside the home. There is no definitive answer to whether you should have security cameras be visible or not, so it boils down to what type of area you are in and what you believe is the best way to organize your property.

Other Considerations

There are other things to consider among positioning and placement of the cameras, such as the camera’s durability, especially since they will be outside. It would help if you made sure that the cameras have the weather ratings to handle various weather conditions, and determine what the max low and peak temperatures the cameras can operate under. The higher the IP rating, the more harsh weather your camera can handle.

Knowing where the sun hits your home is also critical so you can minimize glare and reflections that might obscure the field of vision from your cameras. The total number of cameras you have could also take a toll on your home internet capabilities. Setting up strategic security cameras in specific spots to cover the most area can limit the number of cameras you need.

For some properties, it might be a good idea to have a separate internet connection specifically for the cameras to be on. With the cameras on a different network, you will free up your home internet for other things, and you will also have all your camera on a specific separate network, which also adds to the security.

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