5 Benefits of a Home Security System

January 27, 2022 9:46 am

Have you been thinking of adding security to your home? Are you unsure of the advantages of security systems besides improving safety? Lexington Alarm Systems can help you make the right decision and choose the right products to protect your home. Feel more at ease purchasing your home security system when you know everything you can about what they offer.

Why Are Home Security Systems Important?

Home security systems are a must-have to protect your home, valuables and family. Though some areas experience less property crime than in previous years, security can help discourage criminals from committing mail theft, break-ins and other vandalism.

According to a study from UNC Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, 83% of potential robbers look for alarm systems before attempting a break-in. More than half said they would give up if they noticed something protecting the house. Having cameras on the exterior and interior of your home, automatic deadbolts, motion detectors, glass breaking detectors, and other features of home security systems are what helped decrease home invasions, robberies, and more.

The security system does not guarantee burglars will not break into your home, but it dramatically reduces the risk of a home invasion. If your property is in a neighborhood or a city block and everyone has home security systems installed in their homes, it can increase the property value of your home and the surrounding houses. Having home security can also decrease your insurance premiums and provide you with the ease of mind that a security system and a dedicated team are watching over your family 24/7.

Top 5 Benefits of Installing a Home Security System

There are many benefits of home security and alarm systems. Everyone might have different reasons for why they need home security, but the overall importance is the same.

1. Protection

Protection is the most prominent reason anyone installs home security. It provides comfort and peace of mind that your home, valuables, pets and family are safer when you are away or asleep. Many people across the nation have had their homes burglarized, vandalized or robbed of electronics, priceless items, art and more. Victims of house invasions may discuss feeling violated and experiencing distress about their personal space becoming a scene of chaos.

Having someone enter your home and sift through your belongings is a traumatic experience nobody should experience. Home security systems drastically decrease the risk of break-ins to give you peace of mind and contact protection.

2. Remote Access

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A fantastic benefit of home security systems is the remote access possibilities. You can install thermostats, smart lights, remote-controlled door locks and more that you can control from anywhere in the world using your phone. Having remote access lets you watch live or past security footage directly from your phone. You will get alerts for motion, broken glass and more, which you can set up using your security system’s mobile app preferences.

One clever way to use remote technology is to sync smart lighting fixtures to your phone and schedule those lights to stay on while you’re away. This trick will give the appearance that someone is home. Once you or someone you trust enters your home, you can turn off the lights manually or through your phone. Along with the lights, you can set the thermostat to a schedule for specific temperatures during specific times of the day.

3. Notifications of Fire or Gas

Not all of the dangers of your home come from human interference. There are other dangers that a home is susceptible to, such as fire or gas leaks. There are sensors for carbon monoxide, smoke and different types of gas that can be harmful to you and your home if left unmonitored.

Setting up fire detectors and smoke detectors in strategic parts of your home will alert you early on. With preventive knowledge, you can escape safely or alert emergency services faster. Some home security systems can also be set up to auto alert the emergency response teams when any of these situations are detected.

4. The Knowledge That Your Kids Are Safe

Many people don’t realize that home security systems can help parents keep track of their children’s safety. Some security systems allow you to set specific codes for each person in the family, so you will be alerted when they leave or enter the home using their code. There are also motion cameras that you can check when notifications come to your phone to make sure they are entering safely and no unknown people are with them.

With specific codes for entry or electronic door locks, you don’t have to worry about the kids losing their keys or forgetting to lock the door behind them when they come home. You can also keep track of when they leave and enter in case of emergencies.

5. Lowered Insurance and Raised Value

A massive benefit to home security is the improved savings and increased home value. Having specific security packages will help lower the premiums by up to 20% for most insurance companies. Insurance companies want you to protect your assets and encourage authorities to respond to your alarms.

Having a home security system raises the property value of your home in addition to the homes around you, so you are saving money and possibly generating income because you have a home security system. Neighborhoods where the majority of all of the houses have home security systems also have higher prices. That can mean that if you’re moving somewhere else soon, you can get more than you paid, or if you come into the neighborhood, the extra cost comes with safety and security.

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