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HomeGuard / OfficeWatch

The HomeGuard/OfficeWatch System from Lexington Alarm is now available.

  • No phone line necessary for safe secure monitoring.
  • Built-in power fail detection and self-charging backup battery.
  • Multi-code touch screen keypad with panic and duress capability.
  • Remote arm/disarm capability.
  • Encrypted wireless sensors with tamper and battery supervision.
  • Simple one hour installation.

Lexington Alarm has created the HomeGuard/OfficeWatch system to fill the need for a small easy to install security system. The most important design element is that it includes all the reliability and security features associated with the bigger capability of a  complete Lexington AlarmSystem.

The HomeGuard or OfficeWatch alarm console pictured here, is the heart of the system. It contains a high-speed alarm signal processor, a supervised wireless receiver with encrypted processing, a fully integrated Alarm Radio, a touch screen keypad and a monitored self-charging backup battery with remote plug-in transformer.

The security and safety capabilities of the HomeGuard or OfficeWatch system include:

  • Door and window alarm contacts.
  • Glass break detectors.
  • Motion detectors.
  • Low temperature monitors
  • Water leak detectors
  • Panic buttons.
  • Medical assistance alarms.

This is the ideal system for:

  • Second homes
  • Apartments and condos
  • Small retail stores
  • Office suites and condos
  • Seniors living alone
  • Construction trailers