Do I Need a Monitored Security System?

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Your alarm system is no good if you can’t respond to it. What if you’re out of the house or, for any reason, unable to answer the call? Monitored security systems help keep your home safe by adding a layer of support to your alarms. You may have wondered if you really need something like this. After all, it is another monthly subscription rate, and isn’t a regular security system enough?

In 2018, the average cost of a burglary was almost $2,800, with most burglaries occurring in residential homes. The majority of fires are residential, and over a third of fire-related deaths and a quarter of injuries occur to people who were asleep at the time. These numbers don’t even address other threats like carbon monoxide, water damage and medical emergencies. A monitored security system changes how you can address these situations if they should come up.

How Does Home Security Monitoring Work?

Home security monitoring works in tandem with the alarms placed throughout your home. With the appropriate hardware, your security system is hooked up to a dedicated monitoring center filled with staff who can respond to an emergency at all hours. If an alarm is triggered, it sends a signal to the monitoring center, where someone will try to contact you, as well as dispatch the right authorities.

Monitored security systems can include devices such as:

Typically, security system monitoring works via a monthly subscription, and some companies require a contract. It is a particularly effective service for whole-house protection, as opposed to one or two cameras or a smoke detector.

A monitored system differs from a non-monitored system in how it responds to alarm trips. In a non-monitored system, you may only hear a loud noise as an alert, or you might receive an automated notification on your phone. What you won’t get with this system is the support of the monitoring center with personnel who can call for authorities whether you are home or away and if you can’t answer your phone. Your security is much less dependent on your ability to see and respond to an alert.

5 Benefits of Monitored Alarm Systems

A monitored alarm system is an excellent way to ramp up the security in your house. It can offer you many routes of protection and quick responses.

5 benefits of a monitored alarm system

1. Better Security and Safety

With a whole-home alarm system, you can better protect yourself, your family members, pets and property from harm and damage. An inclusive approach to security can help you be prepared for some of the most common threats.

2. Authority Responses from Remote Locations

If you are away from your home, you won’t hear the smoke alarm going off. You won’t hear your burglar alarm, either. While a noise might scare a thief away, he could also try to deactivate your alarm and carry on with his business. Those moments when your home is unguarded make it especially vulnerable. Many robberies take place during the day when you’re away at work. Plus, if you have kids or pets in the house, getting a fast response is crucial to their safety, whether you are present or not.

3. Trained Staff

Robberies, fires, floods and more can all set off your fight or flight response. It can be difficult to respond calmly and efficiently, but having someone trained to analyze the situation and send out the right people can help you quickly gain control. Plus, some monitoring service providers work to limit the number of false alarms, freeing up time for the authorities and protecting you from fines.

4. Immediate Response

In emergency situations, time is precious. Every second spent analyzing the situation or trying to explain everything to the authorities is another second that someone could get hurt or your property could sustain damage. A monitored system provides you with support right away. Our centers at Lexington Alarm typically respond in under eight seconds.

5. Reliable Monitoring Center

If an emergency strikes and your phone is dead or out of reach, you may have no way to call for help. A monitoring center doesn’t have that problem. Ours, for instance, is backed up by two different generators and a second location in Texas to keep us ready for whatever life throws at you.

Can I Have My Existing Security System Monitored?

The answer is usually yes, but it depends on your equipment and your service provider. These providers typically offer equipment that works with their service and integrates with it easily, so you know for sure that your system is compatible. There is a level of standardization in the home security industry, which can help make changing providers easier. You might need to add monitoring to an existing system if:

  • You are unhappy with your current service
  • You are moving into a home with a security system in place
  • You want to make an existing system a little smarter

Much of a home security system centers around the control panel, which is often the source of receiving alarm triggers and sending signals to the monitoring center. To effectively switch providers, the signal sent by the control panel must be capable of being read by the new provider’s monitoring center. If they are not compatible, some providers offer adapters that can modify the signal to be understood by their systems.

If you move somewhere that already has a security system installed, you can usually find out who installed it from the realtor. This information may also be written on the control panel. If you want to use that company, setup should be easy, but if not, you’ll probably have some research in your future. You may need to look into the packages and services that the provider offers, as well as if you are happy with the security system in the first place. If it is on the older side, it could be time for an upgrade. You might also want to add some bells and whistles that aren’t already there.

Choose Lexington Alarm for Professional Security System Monitoring

Now that you know what alarm monitoring is and how it can keep your home safer, you may find yourself looking for a monitoring service. If you’re in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts, Lexington Alarm Systems can answer the call. Your safety is our priority. We usually respond to an alarm trip in less than eight seconds, and our monitoring center is UL-listed and 5-diamond certified.

Whether you need to upgrade your existing system or install a new one entirely, we can help. Request a quote today to learn more about how Lexington Alarm can help improve the safety of your home.

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