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Massachusetts DPL- License No. C-1111

Professional Service and Repair

Lexington AlarmSystems offers routine scheduled alarm service, as well as after hours emergency service to all of our monitored customers. An alarm system typically runs 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Servicing it is a necessity to ensure reliable operation that provides you with comfort and confidence.

Whenever possible, routine service requests are done by appointment to minimize customer wait time. This allows us to be prepared by reviewing your service records ahead of time and anticipating efficient support of service requests.

Security and safety systems are similar to cars or heating systems. In order to run reliably 24 hours a day, they need to be properly maintained. Lexington AlarmSystems suggests a program of planned annual maintenance that is designed to keep your system in top working order. The result is continuous reliable operation without unplanned service requests that never come at a convenient time.

When servicing older systems, it is not uncommon to find a particular part is no longer made. Often we have alternative replacement parts that are carried in our service vehicles. If it is a major component that has failed in an older system, upgrading the core components and keeping the rest of the system in place is an excellent solution.

Our service technicians who visit your site have many resources at their disposal to help resolve almost any repair or maintenance need. Years of experience, on-line technical data and factory engineering support all combine to help us solve your problem quickly and permanently.