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The history of Lexington Alarm Systems’ security innovations goes back to 1972. We strive to provide nothing but the best solutions to keep your loved ones and possessions safe. Count on us as your one-stop, in-house residential security company in Woburn, MA.

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We Have Top-of-the-Line Security Systems for Your Woburn Home

At Lexington Alarm Systems, we take every measure to protect your home. Choose from the home security systems and services below:

Burglar Alarm Systems

Our theft alarm systems use cutting-edge technology to protect your home from burglars. Detect a house intrusion with these residential security solutions:

  • Door and window sensors: We offer glass break sensors to alert our central station when your door or window opens.
  • Motion detectors: Our motion sensors can tell the difference between pets and possible intruders.
  • Alarm screens: Alarm screens include interwoven wires alerting when someone cuts them or removes your screen.

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Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Detect when your house has a fire or carbon monoxide leak within seconds. Our life-saving fire alarms can sense carbon monoxide levels, smoke, and heat. These three types of detection will protect you from various environmental emergencies.

We also offer smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation services to ensure that your home is in compliance with local fire detection standards. We will also provide insight into where to place your detectors in the home to alert you or your family during an emergency.
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Environmental Detection

Environmental hazards like water and extreme temperatures can damage your belongings and threaten your safety. We offer water sensors and high and low-temperature alarms that detect these environmental changes in your home. Address emergencies as they happen to keep your home in top condition.
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Video Surveillance

Choose from video surveillance systems with a range of advanced features. Some security cameras even have recording capabilities, so you can review footage whenever you need. Use your smartphone, computer, or tablet to manage clips and view live video feeds in real time. Monitor your recordings on a local network or through a remote connection. Remote video surveillance allows you to monitor your entire property while away, including your front lawn, the first-floor entryway, and wherever else you install a security camera.

Unsure where is the best place to put your new security cameras? Contact the experts at Lexington Alarm to help you find the perfect place to install your video surveillance camera.
Learn About Our Video Surveillance & Cameras

Video Doorbells

Monitor your front door with a built-in security camera, speaker, and microphone. A video doorbell provides real-time footage of your front lawn and two-way communication with whoever is at your front door. You can instruct delivery personnel without being home or seeing who’s at the door. Remote video monitoring lets you use your device to see what’s happening outside without ever having to open the door.
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Smart Home Automation

Automate your home security and temperature when you choose to invest in the latest smart home technology. Choose from a wide range of home automation and security products, such as smart lights, locks, and thermostats. Keep your house safe and comfortable with smart home controls for turning lights on or off, unlocking or locking doors, remotely adjusting thermostat temperatures, arming or disarming your security system, and more, all through a convenient mobile security app.
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Remote Alarm Management

The Honeywell Total Security 2.0 app allows you to control and remotely manage your home alarm systems and compatible smart security equipment. Receive text alerts when events happen on your property, such as motion detection, water leaks, and extreme temperature changes. You can also view activity reports of anything that’s been occurring with your home security system, from issues with particular devices to stats on garage door activity.

Customize your home with a series of automated actions and a monitoring plan for whenever you exit your home or turn in for the night.
Learn About Our Remote Alarm Management

Security Monitoring

Behind the scenes, we use cutting-edge monitoring techniques to protect your home. Our systems use call verification technology to immediately verify legitimate alarms and alert the relevant authorities. The Lexington Alarm Systems monitoring center will also notify you when your alarm registers a threat.
Learn About Our Alarm Monitoring

We Have You Covered with Our Home Security Monitoring Center

Following our professional installation of your security alarm system, we provide 24/7 alarm monitoring to add another layer of support to your security system. In a non-monitored system, while there are no monitoring fees, there is also no support from our UL-Listed 5-Diamond Monitoring Center equipped with station operators who will notify the relevant authorities quickly on your behalf.

When home security companies notify the police of an emergency at your home, the police know the call is legitimate. This way, you can expect quick response times since the police won’t need to verify your call or filter through false alarms before they finally respond to your emergency.

With a monitored security system, our central station operators are highly trained to respond to your alarm within eight seconds. Feel peace of mind knowing that a trained professional is always awake and monitoring, ready to respond to threats instantly whether you’re home or away.

Lexington Alarm Systems is a top pick for monitoring services, video surveillance, and other home security options compared to other home security companies. We offer dependable, accredited home security monitoring to the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts.

The Benefits of Choosing One of the Top Home Security System Companies in Woburn, MA

When you become one of our customers, you receive the best home security services in the Woburn area. Enjoy advantages such as:

  • White-glove service: Let us handle every aspect of security with the care and precision you deserve. We will install and monitor your systems to make the process seamless and convenient.
  • UL standards: Our monitoring centers meet the highest standards from Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., a world-leading security organization. UL performs regular checks on our operations, equipment, and other aspects of our services.
  • Reliable staff: Each team member undergoes extensive background checks before serving you. They go above and beyond to ensure that every client feels satisfied with their services.

See how our security systems stand out against the competition:

By requesting our comprehensive services, discover what sets us apart in the security market. We provide the industry’s best customer assistance and service standards for home security systems in Massachusetts.

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