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With over four decades in business, Lexington Alarm Systems remains Woburn’s number one residential and commercial security system provider. Our team of experts is dedicated to securing your home or business with the highest quality systems available and providing excellent customer service every step of the way. Whether you need a fire alarm system for your home or a burglar alarm for your new business, Lexington Alarm Systems has you covered.

We specialize in installing and servicing a wide range of alarm systems to customers in the Woburn area. Our company values your peace of mind to keep your home or business safe, which is why we strive to ensure our customers are 100 percent satisfied with our alarm systems and services.

When it comes to protecting your loved ones and your assets, compromise isn’t an option. Learn more about our alarm system installation services in Woburn, MA, below!

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We Are Your Trusted Alarm Installation Company

Our security system installation processes are hassle-free and painless. We offer state-of-the-art fire alarm, environmental security, burglar alarm, and video surveillance systems that meet the most stringent security standards from Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. Additionally, we make sure all of our personnel pass thorough background tests before serving our customers. We equip our team with extensive training to guarantee that our customers are beyond satisfied with their service.

We also ensure our customers’ alarm and surveillance systems are properly installed and that these systems function according to our white-glove standards. At Lexington Alarm Systems, we’re committed to ensuring your business, and home security systems are monitored and maintained long after installation.

Our alarm installation process begins with a free consultation, where we determine the best alarm system blueprint based on the layout of your residential or commercial space. In addition, we offer free quotes on all of our alarm systems, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for.

Once we have a plan for your home or business’s alarm system, we’ll set a date for our experienced technicians to install and test the system in your space — a process that typically wraps up in a single day. When you need a reliable solution for your home or business’s security, turn to the experts at Lexington Alarm Systems as your provider for everything you need in a custom security system.

We also offer our customers top-notch continued alarm testing and maintenance services to help keep your system running smoothly. And if your security system detects a threat, we immediately contact you within eight seconds and send the appropriate first responders to your location. With Lexington Alarm Systems, you never have to worry about contacting public safety services in time. Whether it’s a fire or a break-in, we have your back every time.

Our Security Alarm Installation Services

Lexington Alarm Systems helps boost your safety and security by installing multiple alarm systems and components.

Burglar Alarm Installation

Stop potential bad actors in their tracks with a complete burglar alarm installation from Lexington Alarm Systems and our unparalleled white-glove service. We have decades of experience helping Woburn, MA, area homeowners safeguard their properties and families with bespoke alarm solutions.

Our alarm systems include the latest technologies to provide the maximum security possible. They also support various other components to form a comprehensive security blanket across your entire property. Combine our systems with video surveillance cameras, door and window sensors, alarm screens and motion detectors for extended protection.

We background-check each technician extensively, so you can have confidence in their skills and safety.

Alarm Screen Installation

Enjoy fresh air whenever you want it with our revolutionary alarm screens. These innovative screens include advanced sensing technology that combines with your existing alarm systems. Embedded wires within the screens can detect attempts to cut or remove the screen and transmit an immediate notification to trigger your alarm system and deter a potential thief. With comprehensive monitoring services, our team can then dispatch the authorities for faster response and heightened safety.

The team at Lexington Alarm Systems professionally installs the screens and connects them to your security system with the exceptional care and service we’re known for.

Motion Sensor Installation

Opt for our motion sensor installation services when you want on-demand detection for activity. These advanced sensors automatically identify movement and integrate with other alarm system components. Deploy them as part of your overall home security to trigger your surveillance cameras, lights, alarms and other bad-actor deterrents.

Lexington Alarm Systems provides white-glove service to tailor and install complete security solutions for your home. Our talented and vetted technicians will help you customize the right mix of components. We’ll also help set your motion detector sensitivity levels, so you can be confident they’ll respond to intruders, not your pets.

Video Surveillance Installation

Create a visual record of what goes on at your property with our comprehensive video surveillance systems. Often, the mere presence of a security camera will make a bad actor think twice. The Lexington Alarm Systems team can help you design your custom system and recommend the ideal places for cameras. You have the flexibility to add features that let you visually drop in from anywhere on any connected device.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians install these solutions throughout the Greater Boston area with the same exceptional customer service we’ve delivered for decades.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Feel confident your home is as safe as possible when we install fire and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Our comprehensive systems use sophisticated sensors to identify potential dangers in real-time and alert you to concerns. While fire detection relies on picking up the presence of smoke and heat, advanced sensing technology helps identify the presence of odorless and colorless carbon monoxide.

The experts from Lexington Alarm Systems will help you develop a custom fire and carbon monoxide solution around the unique needs of your property. Our white-glove customer service ensures you get a system ready to protect your house and family around the clock.

Temperature Alarm Installation

Keep what matters most to you at the right temp with a temperature alarm installation and monitoring services. The pros at Lexington Alarm Systems work with you to design the precise system you need to safeguard artwork, wine cellars or pets and loved ones.

Experience our unrivaled customer service while our fully vetted technicians install your system and show you how to set the temperature ranges. Your system automatically notifies you whenever the temperature departs from your established range, so you can protect your most valuable treasures from unsafe temperature extremes.

Your Alarm Installation Company in Woburn, MA

If you live in the Woburn, MA, area and are looking for a reliable, state-of-the-art security system for your home or business, you can depend on Lexington Alarm System’s team of expert alarm installers to provide everything you need to keep your family and your property safe. Our alarm system installer team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the quality service you deserve at an affordable price. Contact us today for a free quote!

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