Remote Temperature Monitoring for Homes in Woburn, MA

Trying to keep your home at a comfortable temperature as weather conditions fluctuate is a challenge. In Massachusetts, you’re familiar with partly cloudy skies and significantly rainy weather patterns since humidity, rain, snow and other precipitation vary in Massachusetts. With home automation, smart thermostat installation options can help make winter weather bearable and summer heat tolerable.

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How Can I Control My Home Temperature Remotely?

Wondering if you left your air conditioning on as you left for your summer road trip? Worried you forgot to turn up the heat for when your children get home from school on a cold day? Our smartphone app puts your home’s temperature at your fingertips. The app recognizes and remembers any changes you make and your preferred temperature settings. You can take control with various options, including:

  • Creating a preset schedule for different seasons or times of the day.
  • Connecting to your current heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Managing temperatures from your smartphone with an app that has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Receiving alerts on your phone when your house is too hot or too cold based on the five-day weather forecast.

How Do I Monitor My House Temperature When Away?

When investing in a smart thermostat, you can easily monitor and control temperatures from any location. You can adjust temperatures and set schedules for your heating and cooling system. For instance, if you’re on your way home from a vacation or business trip, you can turn on the system as you approach your home. Geofencing capabilities use virtual boundaries created from global positioning (GPS), radio frequency identification (RFI), or other location-based software. This technology triggers system activity when you are at a specified distance close to your home.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Thermostat Installation in Woburn, MA?

See the difference in your lifestyle when you partner with Lexington Alarm Systems for remote temperature monitoring in your home in Woburn, MA. With smart home temperature control, you can:

  • Receive customized energy reports: You can use these personalized reports to find energy-efficient solutions in your home and save more money. For example, you can set your thermostat to 10-15 degrees cooler when you’re away. Make sure to maintain your HVAC system for additional efficiency.
  • Use your app’s features: With the Total Connect app, you can use Wi-Fi capabilities, voice control with Alexa or Siri, and other cutting-edge features to make the most out of your smart thermostat. You can control your thermostat whether you’re on the couch at home or across the country for work or travel.
  • Watch your system set preferences: There’s no point in heating or cooling an empty house, so you can create personalized timers and room-specific settings with your smart thermostat. The thermostat uses motion sensors and other smart technology to identify opportunities to change the temperature, saving you energy and money.

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Our technicians pay close attention to detail for quality installations. Lexington Alarm Systems aims to provide a great experience with our advanced app features, white-glove service, and excellent customer service team. We even have an interactive experience center, so you can test our products before we install them in your home. Feel free to contact us to request a quote for your home or receive additional information today!

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