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Having a burglar alarm system with a loud siren can be something of a deterrent, but modern burglars are sophisticated and can act fast. You need a system that allows you to generate a fast response to stay ahead of them. To be truly safe, you need a more sophisticated alarm system that includes 24/7 alarm monitoring. Woburn, MA, residents can rely on Lexington Alarm Systems for local, accredited, dependable home security monitoring in Massachusetts.
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What system do you have protecting your home right now? Whatever it is, we are sure you will sleep much more easily once you have monitoring Lexington Alarm Systems. Your burdens will lift knowing that a trained professional is always awake and listening, ready to act instantly should there be any threat to your home.

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Industry Leading Call Verification

For your alarm system to serve you best, you need reliable home security alarm monitoring for several reasons. One of the most important is Call Verification. Local police are often taxed by false alarms, which can considerably slow their response time. When the police receive a notification from us, they know the call is real. This means they can respond faster and may even prioritize your emergency over other calls that come in simultaneously.

24/7 UL Listed 5-Diamond Certified Monitoring

In addition to our industry-leading Call Verification capabilities, our 24/7 UL-Listed 5-Diamond Monitoring Center is held to the highest possible industry standards for home security. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL seal of approval is only given to security companies that demonstrate the highest operational quality. UL standards are extremely challenging for security companies to maintain, but we do it yearly, submitting our building, operations, equipment, and more to UL’s independent checks of compliance with their performance standards.

Fast and Reliable Response Time

We will respond to your alarm, alerting both you and the police, within eight seconds, day or night. Our alarm monitoring in Woburn, MA, is backed up by multiple generators, so you don’t have to worry about system overloading. We are accredited by Intertek/ETL, FM Approvals, and UL. We submit random inspections to show that we always maintain the highest quality for monitoring in Massachusetts.

Trusted Experts to Keep Your Home or Business Safe

In addition, we are committed to making sure our central station operators are as highly trained as possible. We know that your life or the lives of your families could be in the hands of our station operators, and that is a responsibility that we take extremely seriously. All of our central station operators are certified through the industry’s standard TMA online training series.

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We are happy to offer you our top-of-the-line monitoring, video surveillance, and other security measures as you need them. We can customize an alarm system and monitoring plan to fit your home’s requirements and your budget. You first need to contact us for a free consultation on your new security system.

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