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When you need a reliable security system for your home or business, you can count on Lexington Alarm Systems in Woburn, MA. We’re Woburn’s premier residential and commercial security systems provider, and we only provide our customers with products that meet the most stringent Underwriter Labaratories, Inc. standards. With over four decades of experience in cutting-edge security system installations and top-notch customer service, Lexington Alarm Systems provides everything you need to keep your family and assets safe from vandals, including burglar alarm screens.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the Greater Boston area’s most trusted home and business security names. Our friendly team of service technicians and alarm system monitors are all vetted with a series of thorough background checks and equipped to provide you with excellent installation and testing services. Learn more about how we can help you keep you and your assets safe below.

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Residential and Commercial Window Alarm Screen Installation in Woburn, MA

At Lexington Alarm Systems, we put our customers’ safety and security first in every aspect of our business. To accommodate the security needs of various homes and commercial spaces, we offer customizable alarm systems with a wide range of features to choose from, including video surveillance, glass break sensors, and window alarm screens.

If you’re concerned about neighborhood home break-ins or you’re looking for extra peace of mind while your family is asleep at night, it may be time to invest in high-quality window alarm screens. Our window or burglar alarm screens help protect the inside of a home or commercial space from intruders by triggering the alarm system and automatically notifying Lexington Alarm Systems of your situation.

Burglar alarm screens can be installed in any windows or screen doors in your residential or commercial space. These screens appear to be the same as any other window screens, but they’re built with special wires woven into them that connect to your alarm system. When these wires are severed, or the screen is jostled out of place, they trigger the home or business’s alarm system. Once the alarm system is set off, our agents will notify the police of the disturbance immediately.

Window alarm screens add an essential layer of protection to your residential or commercial property. Because many burglars opt for screen cutting or removal to enter properties that lack a secure window locking mechanism, window alarm screens are incredibly efficient means of protection for your family and your property.

Expert Burglar Alarm Installations and Customer Service

You can trust Lexington Alarm Systems to meet your needs when you need to upgrade your home or commercial space’s security features. We offer all of our customers free quotes and free security consultations to help you decide on the best home security system for you. Once we formulate a custom security plan for your space, we’ll send a team of expert technicians to your location to install and test your security system.

We also provide 24/7 security alarm monitoring and routine system maintenance to ensure your system remains fully functional at all times.

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