High/Low Temperature Alarm Systems

High & Low Temperature Alarm Systems in Woburn, MA

Heating and cooling systems are miracles of the modern age, but even miracles aren’t perfect. When you’re trusting a machine to keep your family warm and your perishables cold, you want to know it’s working at all times. With a high/low temperature alarm system from Lexington Alarm Systems, you can.

These alarm sensors let you set safe ranges for high and low temperatures. The moment this range is exceeded, our Five Diamond monitoring center receives an alert from the high/low temperature alarm system so we can keep you informed. Whether you’re protecting a priceless wine cellar, running a business with an industrial freezer or just keeping your pets warm, we’ve got you covered. Lexington Alarm Systems has been operating in and around Woburn, MA for over 45 years.
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Our High/Low Temperature Alarm Systems Protect Any Environment

If your industry relies on a heating and cooling system, you need that system to stay fully operational. A high/low temperature alarm sensor is an excellent investment for businesses that require refrigerators, such as medical laboratories preserving samples or a restaurant specializing in fresh food. Clients who operate climate-controlled storage centers can get peace of mind with our temperature alarms.

With high and low temperature sensors, you never have to risk coming home to an unpleasant surprise. If your heater or air conditioner fails, you’ll know the moment the temperature falls out of your assigned range. Then, you can call a repair service and quickly restore the comfort and safety of your property. Temperature-sensitive areas such as greenhouses and outdoor animal enclosures are perfect applications for this system.

Serving Woburn, MA With Excellence, Every Time

From humble beginnings, our company has expanded to a full-size shop serving Woburn, MA and the surrounding areas. We treat every customer with the same care and attention they would expect from a small business — because that’s what got us here. With knowledgeable, attentive customer service experts, you can expect a quick response. Every installation engineer is trained to give your space the white-glove treatment from beginning to end.

Lexington Alarm Systems prides itself on matching exemplary service with the best technology available. Our high and low temperature alarm sensors run 24/7, and every alarm is backed up with multiple power sources. Two monitoring centers in different locations are equipped with two types of generators to maintain continuous service. Plus, the Lexington Alarm Systems app lets you check in on your home or office wherever you are.

Our monitoring center holds the prestigious Five Diamond Certification from The Monitoring Association. This distinction recognizes a company’s commitment to customer service, ongoing participation in testing and training and dedication to continuously improving the alarm industry. These values are essential to what we do, and we practice them every single day.

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Protecting your property in the Woburn, MA area is our top priority. Reach out for a free quote and let our knowledgeable sales and customer service teams serve you with a quick, thorough evaluation of your property. Every one of our employees is courteous and professional, and we perform in-depth background checks to build a team you can trust.

Lexington Alarm Systems provides customers with comprehensive security systems, including fire and burglar alarms and low and high temperature sensor alarm systems. We defend what matters to you.

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