Residential Fire Alarm Systems & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Monitored Home Fire Alarm Systems in Woburn, MA

For something as important as your home, you need the most advanced residential fire alarm system and monitoring services in Woburn, MA. Lexington Alarm Systems will alert you as soon as an emergency is detected by your home fire alarm system and call emergency personnel for a quick response.

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Benefits of a Residential Smoke & Fire Alarm System

Most homes have smoke detectors in every room. Yet a smoke detector is often not enough to keep your home safe in the event of a fire. If a fire does not create a lot of smoke, it will not trigger the alarm. To keep your family, home and belongings safe, it is necessary to use the best protection available for fire detection.

An advanced monitored fire alarm system from Lexington Alarm Systems will alert the authorities for you in the event of an emergency. When a home fire alarm goes off, our residential fire detection system alerts emergency personnel within eight seconds. You’ll have more time to get to safety, and the fire department will respond quickly.

Features of Our Smoke Detector Systems

Our home smoke detector systems monitor for:

Carbon Monoxide

Adding a carbon monoxide detector to your monitored home fire alarm system is a necessary step to keep your family safe. You cannot detect carbon monoxide because it is colorless and odorless. It is also fatal. Our detectors alert you if carbon monoxide is detected in your home so your family can stay safe.


A raging fire often produces a lot of smoke, so a smoke detector is necessary for a residential fire alarm system. When our fire detectors sense the presence of smoke, they will go off and alert the proper authorities.


Heat detectors are necessary in addition to smoke detectors. They work better in places of high heat, like your kitchen or near your furnace. When our sensors notice a rapid change in temperature, they will be triggered and sound an alarm.

Choose Lexington Alarm Systems for Smoke Detector Installation in Woburn, MA

Lexington Alarm Systems uses the most advanced technology to keep your home safe from fires. We are dedicated to creating a custom residential fire alarm system for your Woburn, MA home. We will take care of the installation, testing and UL monitoring. Our company is a NICET-certified systems designer, and our team consists of compliance code experts who hold compliance safety licenses. This means that your system will be up to code.

Keep your family and home safe from fire and carbon monoxide with our smoke detector systems and fire alarm monitoring services. Request a free quote from Lexington Alarm Systems today. We will assess your security needs and property to generate a quote for a home fire alarm system today.

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