Fire & CO

Lexington Alarm Systems ensures you are receiving industry leading fire detection technology. Our professionals will design a Fire Alarm System that meets all of your home security necessities. That includes installation, testing and UL Monitoring.


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Disasters our monitoring can cover:

Carbon Monoxide (CO): This colorless and odorless gas can be nearly impossible to detect, and can create a massive risk and health hazard for everyone involved. Installing a fire solution than does not detect against Carbon Monoxide is simply not taking the necessary steps for your family.  Known as the Silent Killer for a reason, it is essential you have a detection solution that includes CO detection.

Smoke: The importance of smoke detectors is well known; however, a monitored smoke detector puts your home multiple steps ahead. Instead of having to evacuate your home and then alerting the proper authorities through a neighbor or cellphone, Lexington Alarm can handle that the second we receive a signal. Allow us to do what we do best.

Heat: Heat Detection detects rapid temperature changes and extreme heat in places where a smoke detector might not make the best choice, such as kitchens or furnaces.