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Residential Video Surveillance in Woburn, MA

If you have a home in the Woburn, MA area, you want to protect it. No matter how safe you feel, there is always the chance that someone unscrupulous might see an opportunity to break into, vandalize or rob your home. Lexington Alarm Systems offers the type of home security camera system Woburn, MA residents need to protect themselves, their property and their families.

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Why Do I Need Video Surveillance in Woburn, MA?

Having video surveillance is like having a security guard watching your home around the clock. Criminals prefer to work undetected, so most will be deterred just by the sight of your security cameras. Those bold enough to move forward should be detected almost instantly, meaning the police can react fast to apprehend the intruder before they can do serious damage. Video surveillance dramatically reduces the likelihood of a successful attack on your home.

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Why Choose Lexington Alarm Systems for Home Security Camera Installation Service in Woburn, MA?

When you contact Lexington Alarm Systems for video surveillance systems in Woburn, MA, you get the white glove treatment. We know every home and every neighborhood is different, which is why we will come to your home and design a custom surveillance system that fits your specific needs. We place the cameras and add the features that suit your particular situation to give you the best possible protection. It’s a level of care and service that other security camera companies in Woburn, MA can’t provide.

Types of Services We Offer

Lexington Alarm Systems has a complete range of video surveillance services to meet your needs and budget, including:

  • Video Recording: If someone is sneaking around your home who shouldn’t be, we can store video of them on a network video recorder (NVR) and/or encrypted in the cloud to aid police if they need to identify someone.
  • Total Connect Video: One of the features many of our clients like the best is the peace of mind they get. With total connect video, you can check in on your home from the office, while on a weekend trip, while on vacation or anywhere, anytime as long as you have a digital device. You’ll never have to worry about whether or not someone is poking around your property.
  • Video Doorbells: Add convenience and security with HD doorbell cameras. When the doorbell rings, you can simply check the app on your phone and see exactly who is at your front door, real time. You can even let in friendly visitors remotely if you have a smart lock enabled.

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We offer HD 1080P cameras that provide crystal clear video, remote monitoring and email notifications when a programmable alert happens. We can design a system to fit a variety of budgets. Nothing is more important than the security of your home and the people inside. Every minute you wait is a minute you could be at risk. To get started, all you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will send a technician to provide you with a security assessment of your home at no cost to you.

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