Guide to Home Security & Monitoring for Elderly Parents

August 11, 2021 4:07 am

More and more adult children are taking on the responsibility of caring for their aging parents. However, deciding the best way to help and care for older adults is not always the easiest task.

You want to know your elderly parents are healthy and safe even if you live hours away. Safety and security systems can be your eyes and ears while you’re not around.

In this guide, we help you determine the best alarm system and security options for your elderly parents living alone.

How Do I Keep My Elderly Parents Safe at Home?

Your biggest concern is probably what you can do to ensure your aging parent’s safety. Older adults often want to keep their independence as long as possible and long-term care facilities can be expensive. As much as you want to help care for your elderly parents, moving them into your home isn’t always a viable option. So, what can you do?

Before anything else, be aware of these simple suggestions to accommodate your parent’s current living situation to make it safer:

  • Changes in floor surfaces, like going from tile to carpet, can create a potential tripping hazard. Marking these areas with bright colored tape can help reduce the risk of falling.
  • Similarly, area rugs and electrical cords are hazardous and should be kept out of walkways.
  • Motion sensor lights can be helpful in illuminating dark areas of the house if eyesight is a concern.

If you’re looking for a more involved way of ensuring safety for older adults, in-home monitoring systems can help you feel close without having to be present constantly. These systems allow your parents or other loved ones to keep their sense of independence and provide the reassurance you need to know they are safe.

How Can I Monitor My Elderly Parents?

Incorporating a monitoring system into your aging parents’ home can bring everyone peace of mind. With remote monitoring technology continually advancing, the list of gadgets that can help you monitor your loved ones can include:

1. Use GPS shoe inserts

These are an excellent option for aging adults who like to stay active. The GPS allows you to monitor their location and even set up alerts for when they leave a designated perimeter.

2. Install movement sensors

Movement sensors and motion detectors can help monitor a loved one’s movements around the house. Advancing technology can even alert you and emergency responders when it detects a fall.

3. Add appliance sensors

These sensors can determine when cabinet or refrigerator doors are open and even when the stove is on. Appliance sensors can help you make sure your parents are eating and taking their medicine, as well as monitor appliances like the stove that can cause an emergency if left unattended.

4. Utilize fall detection systems

Fall detection features can sense when someone falls and can automatically contact emergency responders in case the user is unable to.

5. Purchase a medical alert systems

Often in the form of a necklace, pendant or bracelet, a wearable medical alert system allows aging adults to continue their favorite activities and provides the comfort of knowing help is only the push of a button away in an emergency.

6. Invest in video monitoring

With the permission of your loved one, installing security cameras around the home allows you to monitor a live feed so you can be aware of any activity in and around the house.

Having inclusive conversations with your aging parents about how monitoring systems can be beneficial is an essential step in making everyone feel comfortable and safe.

person monitoring home remotely on tablet

How Can I Help My Elderly Parents Remotely?

We understand how common it is for adult children to live hours away from their parents. This distance can make caring for them difficult. Luckily, many surveillance systems have features that can allow you to monitor your elderly parents remotely.

Use Remote Video Surveillance

For example, our remote video surveillance system includes a mobile app that lets you view the live feed from anywhere you might be. Being able to view your loved one’s home in real-time helps you assess if security alerts require attention or response.

In an attempt to keep their independence or appear as capable as their younger selves, aging adults may not fully disclose the amount of help they really need. A remote video monitoring system for elderly adults at home allows you to assess their situation to determine the best way to help them if they require more assistance.

Call Them Frequently

Another way you can help your aging parents, even if you’re hours away, is to stay in touch. Never underestimate the power of calling to check in. Simply asking them if you can do anything for them is an easy way to remind them you’re actively looking for ways to help from wherever you are.

How to Choose the Right Medical Alert & Security System for an Elderly Parent?

With so many options available to you, you want to make sure you’re choosing the best alarm system for your elderly parents. The right system for you and your loved ones depends on their specific wants and needs.

The first thing you should do is have a conversation about what they think they would prefer. Surprising an aging parent with an alarm system or new home security system may not be the most encouraging course of action.

A personal safety alarm for seniors is a reliable option for independent, active adults because they can keep it on their person at all times.

If you want your loved one to be able to contact emergency responders through their medical or security systems, make sure what you’re getting is fully monitored. This means that the call button immediately connects the user with a dispatcher. Other things to consider when choosing home security for elderly adults living alone include:

  • Does the system include fall detection and is this something that would be beneficial to your situation?
  • Are sensors and alert systems mobile, or do they need to be within range of other equipment?
  • Will the alarm system monitor for smoke?
  • What kind of installation, set up or maintenance will be required?

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