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April 24, 2020 12:00 am

For any building, security is an essential element of facility management and all buildings have different safety needs. Schools are no exception to this, and schools, colleges and universities are in particular need of integrated security systems to keep our youngest citizens safe. Schools and colleges of all grade levels and types can easily be targets for all sorts of incidents, including theft, kidnapping, violence, unauthorized visitors, sexual assault cases and more. And with the recent increase in school shooting situations, the need for security in schools is even more significant.

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Choosing a Security System for Schools and College Campuses

Selecting the right kind of security system and safety features for schools will depend on the size of the campus and the type of school. Each campus requires custom solutions. Threats and dangers vary with the age of the children and the type of school and there are security solutions for each stage.

For nursery schools and child care centers, the most notable threats are unauthorized visitors and children leaving with strangers. Access control systems and automatic door locks are necessary for the safety of our youngest students. These technologies ensure anyone entering the building has an access code or can have staff buzz them in. Integrated video monitoring and alarms on entry/exit points add security.

As children move on to grade schools and high schools, the threats come not just from external dangers, but also from violence internally, among students themselves. Indeed, 79% of public schools reported at least one incidence of violence or crime in the 2015-2016 school year. Access control systems are crucial, as well as video monitoring to keep tabs on activity in the school and respond to emergencies. Panic buttons and alarms connected to emergency services are also smart solutions, as well as evacuation and emergency plans.

University campus security systems need a comprehensive plan that includes all buildings and surrounding outdoor areas. In 2016, college campuses reported 28,400 crimes, which represented an increase from the previous year. Residence halls and common areas should have access control and video surveillance. Ample lighting outside buildings, in parking lots and outdoor common areas, can help deter crime. Security personnel is also a necessity, especially on larger campuses, as they can patrol the area and provide quick emergency responses. Connecting security systems to local law enforcement is also ideal for colleges and universities.


Types of Security Systems for Schools

Schools and colleges can benefit from several different types of security features to help deter and prevent crimes. A customized solution is best, as each school is unique, but security systems for schools generally include the following elements.

  • Video surveillance systems: One of the most straightforward ways to keep an eye on your campus and record evidence for later is with a video system. This setup can include a series of strategically placed cameras in classrooms and common areas, as well as around the perimeter of the campus. A school video security system will also include video monitors or connect to existing computers, tablets or mobile devices, and should either have recording devices or save video to storage in a cloud system.
  • Access control devices: Keep doors locked and only allow authorized guests with an access control system. These scalable systems can benefit school campuses of all sizes, whether it’s one door or hundreds of doors that need extra protection. Cutting-edge control management software gives administrators the ultimate authority over their buildings. Door locks can operate with key cards, access codes or buzzer systems.
  • Fire systems: You can get monitoring for fire, as well as carbon monoxide, integrated into your overall security system. Make sure to have it customized to comply with any state and local building codes.
  • Panic buttons: Discreetly place this option for school security systems in individual classrooms and have it set up to trigger either silent or audible alarms. These are becoming increasingly popular options with the uptick in active shooter situations and other violent threats in schools.
  • Monitoring services: With some security systems, not only can you personally monitor your devices on campus, but you can also use integrated off-site monitoring services. This option provides additional monitoring backup, notification of law enforcement and quick emergency responses.

What Are the Benefits of Having a School Security System?

Implementing or updating school security systems comes with many advantages for students, teachers, staff, parents and administrators. Ultimately, it leads to increased safety and peace of mind for everyone involved. No matter what size your institution is, consider these benefits of school security systems.

  • Awareness of campus activity: Comprehensive campus security systems that include school security cameras allow the administration to keep an eye on everything that’s going on. The larger the campus is, the more difficult this is to do without the help of cameras and other aids. Know who is in the building at all times and spot suspicious behaviors before they become more significant issues. In an actual emergency, you’ll be able to know where the problems are and have video recordings of any intruders or troublemakers.
  • Reduced rate of major incidents: Visible security equipment is a known deterrent to crime. Making it well known that your campus has security equipment may discourage many would-be troublemakers, whether students or external individuals. Also, the more comprehensive your security system is, the higher the reduction in potential incidents.
  • Quicker emergency response times: The administrators of a school equipped with a security system will be aware of campus emergencies sooner, leading to more immediate decisions and responses. Additionally, security features monitored by a security company or directly connected to first responders can improve reaction times and prevent tragedies.
  • Increased sense of security: Violence and other serious incidents in schools are real concerns that can create crippling fears for students, staff and parents. Enhanced campus security can give everyone better peace of mind, helping the members of your school community feel safer attending your institution. All this helps enrollment, alleviates concerns for parents and allows teachers and students to get back to the business of learning.

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Security systems for schools provide safety and serenity for students, staff and parents. And just as every school is unique, each campus needs security systems tailored to their individual needs. At Lexington Alarm Systems, we pride ourselves on quality customer service and long-term relationships with our customers. We provide the latest technologies through comprehensive, state-of-the-art security solutions. Contact us with any questions or to request a quote for security solutions for your school today.


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