Residential & Commercial Security Systems in Burlington, MA

When your Burlington home or business security is at risk, give it the best protection available with an alarm system from Lexington Alarm. You will be notified of any issue right away so you can act quickly. We will also call emergency personnel for you to shorten response time.

Install an Alarm Monitoring System in Burlington, MA

If your refrigerator stops working, the temperature inside may increase. This may cause your food to spoil, and your restaurant may lose business. If a fire starts, it will continue to burn without a smoke detector in place. Without alarms installed at your property, a burglar can break in without notice. Without security cameras, you may not know who it was.

With a security system in place, you’ll have protection against all these types of damage and more. The sooner you know about an issue, the sooner it can be resolved. Safeguard your home and business with an alarm monitoring system from Lexington Alarm Systems.

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Features of Home and Commercial Security Systems

Lexington Alarm security systems in Burlington, MA have the most advanced features available. When you choose us, you will be assured that you are getting the best. Choose from features such as:

Door and Window Glass Break Sensors

Protect every opening of your property with sensors on the doors and windows. If a burglar opens the door or window when the system is activated, our monitoring system will alert you and the authorities.

Alarm Screens

With alarm screens, you can have your windows open at all hours —and still be protected. These screens are different in that there are wires interwoven into the fiberglass. When the screen is cut or removed, it will sound the alarm.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras allow you to see your property at all times, wherever you are. The footage is stored on a remote cloud network, which you can access anytime. Use our app to see your home or business in real time when you are out of the office or away on vacation. You can even see who is at the front door with our video doorbell.

High and Low Temperature Alarm

Protect against extreme temperatures with a high and low temperature alarm. Set safe ranges for temperatures in your refrigerator, freezer or wherever you like. When the temperature rises or falls outside of the safe zone, you’ll know right away.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Know about fires and carbon monoxide leaks right away with a fire system. The smoke detector will alert you to the presence of smoke, which is common when there’s a fire. Because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, you can’t detect it yourself. Adding a carbon monoxide detector to your system will help protect your family and employees.

Lexington Alarm Systems: Your Experienced and Trusted Security Provider

For your security system, choose Lexington Alarm Systems. We understand that everyone’s security needs are different, which is why you can customize your commercial and home security systems. That way, you will have everything you need to keep your belongings safe.

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Lexington Alarm Systems has the best home and commercial security systems in Burlington, MA. Trust your home or business with the best. To learn more about how a security system can safeguard your property, get a quote today.

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