Residential & Commercial Security Systems in Bedford, MA

When a burglar, fire or water leak wreak havoc on your property, you need as much time as possible to take the right course of action. Stay ahead of any damage to your home or business by installing an advanced security system.

Alarm Installation in Bedford, MA

After business hours or when you are not at home is prime time for an intruder to enter your property. If you are unaware of the situation, they may steal your belongings. A fire burns and spreads quickly. Without a fire system in place, the response time is delayed, and the fire may cause more damage to your home or business. A frozen pipe may burst in cold weather and flood your property.

A security system from Lexington Alarm safeguards against all this damage and more. You will be notified right away when things do happen, and the system will alert emergency personnel.

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Features of Lexington Alarm Security Systems

At Lexington Alarm Systems, we offer custom home and commercial security systems in Bedford, MA. You will have every feature you need to protect your property. Some of these features include:

Water Sensors

Water sensors monitor leaks or overflows of water due to faulty plumbing, an overflowing toilet and more. When water comes into contact with the sensor, you will be alerted.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Smoke often indicates the presence of fire. A smoke detector alerts you to the presence of smoke in your kitchen, store and everywhere they’re installed. Humans cannot detect carbon monoxide leaks, so adding this feature to your fire system will help keep your family or employees safe.

Alarm Screens

A burglar may try to enter your property through a window. With alarm screens in place, they won’t be successful. The burglar alarm screen looks just like a regular window screen but with interwoven wires in the fiberglass. If the screen is pulled out or cut, you’ll know right away.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors help deter an intruder before they can enter your home or business. The sensors will go off when they detect someone. They are advanced enough to tell the difference between a pet and a burglar, so you know that every alert is accurate.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras ensure you always have eyes on what’s going on. Install a video doorbell at your front door so you can see who is there. The cameras store footage on a cloud network, and you can see what is being captured in real time in our app.

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For your commercial and home security systems in Bedford, MA, trust Lexington Alarm Systems. For over 45 years, we have proudly met the Bedford, MA area’s security needs. Our team will take care of every step, so your security system will be ready to protect.

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