Residential Burglar Alarm Systems and Installation

Today, sophisticated criminals are always scanning for weakness, looking for an opportunity to break into your home. Lexington Alarm Systems designs and installs residential burglar alarms in Woburn, MA, for peace of mind. We have sophisticated burglar alarm systems with features that can help maximize the level of protection for your home and your family.

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Protect Your Home With the Latest Burglar Alarm Technology

While we offer several different home alarm systems, our residential burglar alarms are among our most popular. They have state-of-the-art intrusion detection features designed to give you the highest level of safety possible, including:

  • Door and Window Sensors: In most cases, the only way someone can get into your home is through a door or window. When you have one of our breach detectors or glass break sensors in place, if anyone opens a door or window to your home anytime when the system is armed, our central monitoring system will be notified immediately so you can take fast action.
  • Motion Detectors: Some other home alarm system companies in Woburn, MA, may set you up with a motion detection system that is too sensitive or not sensitive enough. Our home motion sensors will be perfectly calibrated so your frisky family pet won’t set them off, but an unwelcome intruder will.
  • Alarm Screens: Many people like to leave their windows open on a hot night and can feel trapped by their alarm system if they have to keep those windows closed for the alarm to work. We have found a way around that problem with our residential alarm screens. We are happy to add alarm screens to any home security alarm system that we install. The secret is that we weave wires into fiberglass screens that replace your existing window screens. From an alarming perspective, these screens serve the same purpose as a closed window. If someone tries to break in by cutting the screen or pulling or pushing it out of the frame, it will trip the alarm and alert our 24/7 monitoring center, just like an unauthorized window breach.

Why Choose Lexington Alarm Systems for Your Residential Burglar Alarm?

We are a local, experienced security company that treats every one of our customers as the best experience possible. We are not just looking to sell an alarm system. We are interested in protecting our community and your home. We care about your concerns and will work with you to design a home burglar alarm system that gives you peace of mind and fits your budget.

We believe customer service is our first priority and will always give you the white glove treatment. Every technician who enters your home is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and has been exhaustively background-checked. We have a 5-Diamond, UL-Listed monitoring center that is tested constantly to ensure it adheres to the highest security and organizational standards. Your security is in great hands with us.

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Nothing is more important than the security of your home and family. We can give them the protection they need and deserve right now. You must get in touch with a smart security system to protect your home today. Contact us today for a free security consultation to get started.

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