Burglar Alarm Systems

The various forms of burglar systems that Lexington Alarm Systems provide will ensure you are safe everyday. Systems include intrusion, fie, elemental, and screens.

Intrusion Detection

Door / Window Sensor

This sensor will send an alert to our central station anytime the contact breaks, so if a window or door opens when it shouldn’t be you will be notified.

Motion Detection

Motion detectors will depict an alert on movement while knowing the difference between your pets or an intruder.

Alarm Screens – Fresh air in; bad guys out

Lexington Alarm Systems is constantly looking out for our customers safety while making lives more convenient.  Our alarm screens are one of the most unique and practical home security solutions on the market, ensuring your safety at all times.

How it works: It’s rather simple, but the impact can be immeasurable. Small wires are interwoven into our fiberglass screens, that when potential burglars attempt to cut or remove the screen from its frame, the alarm will trip within the home and our monitoring center.

The end result means that an open window can be as safe and secure as a locked door. Ensuring the danger is out, all while letting the fresh air in.

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