What Is the Best Security System for Businesses?

March 3, 2021 8:00 am

A security system is an essential part of protecting your business from property crimes, environmental threats and misconduct. According to the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division, property-related crimes resulted in an estimated $15.8 billion loss for United States citizens in 2019. Of those crimes reported, larceny accounted for more than 73%, while burglary accounted for more than 16%. Among the top-stolen items were money, jewelry, clothes, vehicles, office equipment, electronics and household and consumable goods.

A good security system can also protect you against employee and customer misconduct. According to one report, businesses in the U.S. lose up to $110 million each day to employee-related crimes, like theft. Surveillance offers valuable evidence for these customer and employee discrepancies.

The right system offers additional protection against fire, smoke and environmental concerns, like carbon monoxide poisoning. When you package these features into a single system or security plan, you’re free to focus your attention on other critical areas of business, knowing your assets are safe.

types of building security

Types of Building Security Systems

Learn more about your options for business security, including tips for choosing the best commercial building security system for your needs.

1. Alarm Systems

Whether you’re seeking alarm systems for office buildings or retail establishments, Lexington Alarm Systems has what you need. Our alarm systems utilize a central monitoring station to detect suspicious activity and help deter break-ins with features like:

  • Door and window sensors: Door and window sensors can detect whether your glass has been broken, typically in an attempt to enter the building after hours. We pair this technology with our Call Verification system and monitoring center to determine whether the authorities should be alerted.
  • Motion detectors: For large properties, strategically-placed motion detectors can alert you to suspicious movement without worrying you over false alarms and stray animals.
  • Fire protection: Alarm systems can also keep you, your employees, your customers and your inventory safe from smoke, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning by utilizing around-the-clock monitoring to detect fumes and smoke.

2. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can play an integral role in managing your day-to-day operations by protecting employees, showing you where to target training and enforce further safety rules, and detecting employee theft or altercations. You can also use the footage to supplement customer shopping records.

Lexington Alarm Systems video surveillance systems offer the following:

  • Recording abilities: Video recording footage captures what’s happening in and around your office or store and keeps the footage on a network video recorder with encrypted protection on the cloud for safekeeping.
  • Instant connection: The Lexington Alarm Systems Total Connect Video system lets you access your video surveillance on-demand to ease your mind and keep an eye on operations while you’re away.
  • Remote management: Remote video management means you can check in with your video feeds anywhere, anytime from the smart device of your choice.

3. Access Control Systems

Access control lets you regulate who can and cannot enter your office or building —a useful tool to pair with a traditional lock and key for more enhanced protection. Lexington Alarm Systems access control devices include:

  • Proximity readers: Use proximity cards and a scanner system to authorize specific personnel into restricted or limited areas.
  • Biometric readers: Biometric readers are a secure method of controlling entry because, unlike passwords or keys, a person cannot misplace or have their personal features taken from them. These readers scan an individual’s unique features and match them to pre-established profiles you enter into the system. Access isn’t granted unless the chosen biological markers are a match.
  • Elevator control: If you need security systems for office buildings that utilize a multi-level space, elevator control systems help you determine who is allowed on which floor or which personnel are permitted to access the elevator.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Security Systems for Your Needs

Effective security systems for commercial properties are those that feature built-in monitoring, are easy to use and integrate with existing technology and meet high standards for quality and reliable operation.

1. Surveillance Monitoring

Live and on-demand monitoring is an essential part of keeping your business safe. This is what lets you know if a sensor or alarm has been triggered at your business after-hours or if someone has attempted to access a part of your property that you’re protecting via an access control system.

With Lexington Alarm Systems, our monitoring center receives an alarm whenever a suspected security threat or occurrence happens at your commercial property. We will reach out to you and the police, with an average response time under eight seconds. Our system is backed by several different generators and a separate facility, so no matter what, we’re here to help when you need it most.

2. Usability and Maintenance

Your security system should be complex and secure, but it also needs to be easy to use. It’s important that you understand how to access important security information, including live video feeds. Consider how often the equipment and software will require updates, and what long-term maintenance is needed. For best results, avoid do-it-yourself installations, as they could leave vulnerabilities in the system or coverage area.

Lexington Alarm Systems offers white-glove service, handling every step of installation and monitoring while keeping you up to date about how to use your system.

3. Technology and Integration

Make sure your chosen security system — including video surveillance, motion detection and access control — utilizes the latest technology and has intelligent design features to keep you safe. Compared to security systems of the past, today’s designs feature things like cloud storage and faster response times, which keep your data safe while still prioritizing your business’s safety. If you have existing security installations, also consider whether you want to integrate those technologies or replace them with a newer, more advanced service.

4. Quality and Performance

The most important characteristic to look for in your security system is quality and performance. Always read verified third-party reviews and see what fellow business owners think of a product, company or monitoring service. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the company and ask what their quality standards are and how they maintain them. For example, at Lexington Alarm Systems, our technologies, operations and products undergo frequent third-party audits from Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., to ensure we’re still meeting their high standards for top security.

contact Lexington Alarm systems for building security

Contact Lexington Alarm Systems for Building Security

With the right technology, you can protect your business from fire and environmental threats, burglary and employee theft while collecting valuable information you can use to inform training and client-based records. Lexington Alarm Systems utilizes state-of-the-art technology and a 24/7 monitoring center to bring you the best in commercial alarm, video surveillance and access control systems. All our products and services are backed by our knowledgeable service team that is here to answer questions and alert you at the first sign of suspicious activity.

Learn more about our commercial security options and contact us today to schedule your free security consultation.

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